Looking for some new growth hacks or fresh inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve gone through the latest statistics and churned out an article filled with the latest tips and tricks. Whether your influencer marketing efforts are mainly focused on Instagram, TikTok or a combination of multiple platforms: you want your content to perform optimally and with these insights, it will. 

In general, and to no one’s surprise, the popularity of video content keeps hitting new records every day. 

The numbers on Instagram reflect the same: reels have basically overtaken the ‘photo app’ and now jump to first place in effective engagement. Next up are carrousels, and in third place: single photos (remember those days?). With that in mind, plus the fact that Instagram itself keeps pushing reels, it is key to have a reels strategy fit for your brand. Get inspired right here.

Meanwhile, over on TikTok, an average of 650.000 new users are still joining the app every day (add that to the already existing >1 billion users). Because of this ever growing video supply and demand, people are getting more and more creative to catch the attention… which should challenge you to do the same. 

What makes a good video? How can you ensure engagement these days? Keep reading to find out.

IGC & UGC: a power combo 

Granted, user-generated content has been coming up among all platforms – Instagram very much included – but we cannot talk about User-generated content without mentioning TikTok. Nay, without bowing down to TikTok. 

TikTok is the current breeding ground of all viral videos, new internet trends, funny challenges and so on. It is one of the greatest sources of user-generated content, all wrapped up in the growth hack of this time: video. 
All of the above creates the most perfect environment for new, fresh and authentic influencer-generated content (IGC). Through working with macro- or micro influencers with dedicated audiences, you can create content that looks so organic that it fits right into the timeline of UGC. Together, they can blend into a powerful combo.

Some tips on how to use IGC to inspire UGC:

  • Introduce a challenge
  • Host a giveaway/contest
  • Ask users to share their reactions
  • Make trendy merchandise
  • Keep an eye on trends and if relevant, use them (the same goes for memes)
  • Include an official hashtag 

Authenticity is key here: your videos shouldn’t be super commercial, flashy, promo-y. Gone are the days of traditional marketing tactics. Content should be natural and feel real, because you can use your Influencer generated content to impulse (even more) UGC! 

Great content inspires more great content and if you choose the right influencer for your brand, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Trust the influencer

How do you achieve great Influencer generated content? By trusting the influencer and allowing them to do their thing. Influencers are the absolute specialists in their field and they know the perfect tone-of-voice for their specific community, so they will be able to convey your message better than you will. 

Think of your own personal storytelling, for example when you talk about your day with your partner, friends, parents, … You probably tell a longer/shorter version, use another intonation, focus on different details. The facts remain the same but your story changes depending on your ‘audience’. 

Interact, interact, interact

Creating engaging content is one thing, but actually engaging is another. 

Once you’ve picked the right influencer, used the correct tone-of-voice, made the authentic content and the reactions start rolling in, you can’t just leave your audience hanging. Keep investing in good interaction with your community.

And though the original intent of the ‘photo app’ has changed, one thing is still sure: Instagram remains king when it comes to this. They absolutely reap the rewards of keeping up with the competition by constantly updating and diversifying their options through functions like stickers, lives, collabs, … Plenty of options to keep the momentum going and consistently use to interact with your audience.

Are you still unsure which social platform is best for your brand? Doubting whether TikTok is relevant to your audience? Or if you should only focus on Instagram? Or do both?! We can help you answer that question right here.