What is so nice that you have to say it twice? No, we’re not referring to the viral ‘moto moto’ video (although we will bring that up again later, so take note). We are talking about our plea to create video content and using it as a growth hack.

A couple of months ago we first wrote about the benefits of creating video content. If that blogpost – in some miraculous way – didn’t manage to convince you, we sure hope this one will, because once and for all: you 👏 should 👏 be 👏 making 👏 video 👏 content. It is THE growth hack of the moment. Here’s why.

You’ve more than likely already noticed, but video is everywhere. And it doesn’t seem like the end is anywhere in sight. If anything, the possibilities, trends and views only keep expanding.

At this moment in time it is truly the best way to beat the infamous social algorithm and fast-track your growth. 

Put simply: a video catches the attention and stands out way more, especially in the abundance of static images. And as we don’t have to explain, more eyes on your content means more reach means more discoverability means more possible engagement… and so on.

Apart from that, there are plenty of other reasons why video can lead to incredible growth. We were not lying when we said it is THE growth hack of the moment.

Dynamic content

Video gives you the chance to make more dynamic and fun content. Switch it up, play around, experiment, join some trends, explore communities… Not only is this fun for you and your followers – as it shows you’re creative, evolving and growing – it’s also incredibly interesting for brands.

Having a feed with diverse and varied content is more likely to catch the eye, and it shows off your skills as well. Being able to make videos is in incredibly high demand nowadays so we can guarantee more and more brands will come knocking on your door.

Plus, you can also use it to your advantage in existing partnerships, should they be interested in your video content. Win, win, win.

More authentic

A video is much more personal and feels more authentic to viewers. It allows them to see the real you. You don’t get the time or chance to pose, filter or edit as much, you can only be yourself. And that’s exactly what everyone craves right now: authenticity.

Video content can help deepen and strengthen your relationship with your followers. You can get your audience involved, interact with them and build a community. In the end, engagement is the goal and video is one of the absolute best ways, if not the best.

Longer relevance

Another amazing thing about video content is its shelf life. Sure, a viral video can happen in an instant, but an – at first – unsuccessful video can still shoot to fame months later, and even an old and previously irrelevant clip can become incredibly popular yeaaars later. 

This is where moto moto comes in, remember? The movie it stems from, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, originally came out in 2008. Fast forward more than ten years and the franchise is getting plenty of attention – and probably views – all over again. All because of this one clip.

Such is the power of video.

But back to the core message: the longevity of video. A video, in comparison to an image, lives on. Because it’s more shareable, which allows for more interaction, it can lead people to you months or years later. That chance increases even more if you choose to repurpose your video on multiple channels – which we highly recommend. More platforms, more interaction, more reach… You get the gist.

In conclusion

It’s only logical that all social platforms are heavily pushing video content. Engaging content is a requirement these days, and video is currently the most effective way to attain just that. So whether you want to beat the algorithm, increase your followers, or simply explore new options: video is the answer you’re looking for. 

And if you’re looking for ideas to get started, trust us, there’s plenty out there to get inspired. Don’t let moto moto scare you. You could, for example, check out our Hub for some creative tips.