Dear all, when working with influencers collaborate, don’t dictate!

Great content is made up out of multiple components. Sure, it’s often consumed in a matter of minutes – or even seconds -, but behind the scenes it can easily take hours. Content as a result of influencer marketing is no different, especially if the process doesn’t exactly go smoothly. Oftentimes, believe it or not, the disruptive factor is… the brand itself. Allow us to explain.

To be completely fair, it already starts with the definition of content creation. In the eyes of a brand, it means something completely different. They’re looking at it in terms of ROI and KPI, focusing on how much it aligns with the brand’s style and whether it resonates with their target audience. For a brand, it’s not as much about the pure content itself, more so the results.

For influencers, on the other hand, it’s all about the creative process and how to make the most amazing and engaging content for their followers. Period. Of course, they want brands to be happy with the content they produce, but in truth, the quality of the content will – and should – always come first.

That is why the best content happens when brands and influencers are on the same page. When brands are open to collaborating, rather than dictating. Yes, read that again. Collaborate > dictate.

Content needs to be organic in order to feel organic

Influencer campaigns really succeed when brands trust the creativity of influencers to deliver their key message in a way that will resonate way more with their target consumer, because it will be and thus feel organic, as opposed to overly produced and filtered ad campaigns.

Remember: this is not meant to be that, you want influencers to use their voice. The only one that will make it organic, is the creator. Brand’s minds are often too blurred with budget, results, risks etcetera. Creators? Their focus is on making great content.

The importance of a great briefing

It is, however, completely understandable that it’s scary to put so much trust in someone outside of your company. Of course, there needs to be a certain level of control. But where?

It’s all in the briefing. Your briefing should be great, nay, amazing. Amazingly specific. Pour it all in there and then… let go, trusting that you chose a good creator and that they will take your wishes to heart.

We’ve seen it happen too often: brands giving influencers vague, open briefings, ending on a ‘you know better what to do, we trust you’, only to come back afterwards – when all of the time has been put in and the content has been made – with tons of critique and feedback.

Adjusting content is ok, reshooting it is not. A good briefing is essential.

Another way you can stay on top of things a bit more, is when you create an open and transparent line of communication. When you treat them with the respect they deserve, and the influencer feels comfortable, they will be way more likely to involve you more.

Open communication, mutual respect and an amazing briefing: that is how great content gets made.

Hard to let go?

We get it, and we’d love to help.

What’s interesting about working with a partner like Influo, is that we look at both sides: brands and creators. We want what’s best for all parties involved. Thanks to our deep understanding for both, as well as years of extensive experience in influencer campaigns, we want to satisfy our brands’ goals while also supporting our community of influencers.

On top of that, we manage influencer campaigns from start to finish: timeline, payment, results… Influo’s job is to ensure smooth sailing. Interested? Have a look at our services, read up on our blog or contact us directly to set up a meeting.