If you’re somewhat active in social media, you know that video – and more specific Instagram Reels – is the place to be right now. Apart from just being fun, they have more benefits than you can count. Want to make top tier content? After reading these tips and tricks, you’ll be making Reels that’ll leave your followers reeling (you know we had to include this pun).

Before we dive in, a short recap of why you should be making Reels: they’re easy to create, they’re incredibly shareable, they’re shoppable, they augment your reach and impressions… Honestly, we can keep going (and we did, right here).

Here’s how you join in on the hype. Keep reading until the end for some extra pro tips!

1) Grab your audience’s attention

There are some rules of thumb on how to do this.

You should try to grab your followers’ attention in the first few seconds, so they want to keep on watching. Whether you’re making an entertaining or informative reel, today’s average attention span is about 8 seconds, so use short and snappy videos. The more the merrier (tip: live pictures on iPhone can be used as short videos in Reels!).

Make personal content (e.g. mini vlogs) or use trendy sounds, remake challenges, duet viral content, … . Don’t wait too long when reacting to trends though, they will more likely go viral when they’re hot! Don’t know how to make viral transitions? Look for tutorials online, there are a lot of them who clearly explain how to do it and what timings to use.

You can easily edit everything afterwards – especially if you’ve made lots of short videos. If you want to film something all at once, make sure it’s all well-thought-out beforehand (e.g. prepare a little script). You can edit your Reel directly in the app, or you can use an external editing app such as InShot. It all depends on what you find more user-friendly to work with.

Read further, because the tips & tricks will keep on coming!

2) Take care of the finishing touches

The quality check shouldn’t end after your video is done. Sure, the content is most of the message, but you have to reel people in (see what we did there) with the finishing touches.

Use sound or music! Instagram has a library full of popular music and sounds. If needed, you can add written subtitles to make your video accessible to everyone or to clarify some extra things. Make sure the subtitles fit the preview feed format (which is smaller than the format of the full reels). If you don’t take this into account, valuable parts of your message may be cropped out.

Speaking of the preview format: if you choose to upload the reel on your feed, we’d advise using a cover photo instead of a frame. Not only does that look cleaner, it also gives off a more professional vibe.

Next, write an engaging caption and add a CTA. What do you want to achieve with your video? Make sure there is a hook. Beware to not overload your audience with information though, so keep the caption easy to digest and clear. Finish with some hashtags that are relevant to your video and tag brands, people and locations in your Reel.

3) It’s all about timing, dear

Publish it at the right time, meaning when your audience is most active. You can check this in your statistics on IG. Also, think about it, when are you usually on your phone? Chances are your audience is too.

Published your reel? Great! Now it can gain some views. Share the reel on your feed and to your stories as well, so as many people as possible can watch it. If you don’t want to keep it in your feed you can also delete the preview after you’ve gained your first views.

When it comes to the amount of reels you should post: post frequently, but don’t overload. Create authentic, creative and fun content! Share because you have something to say and stay true to yourself, make it relevant. Don’t do something that does not feel good because it’s a hype.

Extra pro tips & tricks

–   Turn on the high-quality upload in your settings! Profile > settings > account > data usage > turn on high quality uploads. Or turn the option to use less data off.

–   If you’re thinking about uploading TikToks to Reels: don’t! Instagram will immediately decrease your reach. The app has made it clear that they only want high-quality, original content, no reposts.

–   Insider tip: start using the collab feature on IG Reels, it’s the new way to boost engagement. This feature allows you to invite someone to collaborate so they can share the content with their followers as well. You can co-author the content and the post will show up on both of your profiles.