Just like a lot of things in life, inspiration ebbs and flows. One minute, ideas are popping up left and right, the next you find yourself in a rut, or even worse: a – content-related -dry spell. So before you grab pen and paper to start a good old brainstorm, keep on reading.

It’s good – nay, great – to take some risks from time to time. The saying might be cliché, but it sure is true: life happens at the end of your comfort zone. It turns out, so does really fresh, new content. Not only is it fun to try new things, but it can also benefit you in the long term.

Let’s dive in with these five tips on how to step out of your comfort zone and update your regular content.

Browse around

The first and simplest step, but often very effective and inspiring: do your research. Go have a look at other creators and see what they are doing. Visit similar profiles, but most certainly visit wildly different ones as well. The chances are that other people are also testing creative ways to involve and entertain their audiences, so why not let them inspire you?

If you do feel heavily influenced by one of their ideas or approaches, always make sure to give credit where credit’s due.

Collaborate with other creators

Another amazing way to broaden your content horizons is to collaborate with other creators. Whether that’s someone you’ve already known or admired for a long time or someone you just discovered during your research in step one: collaboration can be a fun and different experience.

On top of that, you both get access to each other’s audiences, leading to more reach and exposure. New followers coming through!

How you collaborate or what you do, is completely up to you. There are so many options. It doesn’t even have to be in physical form; it can also be in the form of an Instagram live, for example.

Step out of your comfort mediums

Speaking of Instagram lives: how about switching it up and trying out some totally new mediums? Especially if, up ‘till now, you usually stick to pictures and the occasional story. There’s a whole new world waiting out there for you!

There’s always a trendy app to explore, like Clubhouse (which had early adopters like Oprah, Elon Musk, and Drake). However, Instagram lives are incredibly popular, as are all things video in general. Think TikTok, Reels, YouTube videos, vlogs…

If there was ever a time to start making video content, it was yesterday. Go for it!

Involve your followers

You regularly see influencers and creators asking their followers, ‘what do you want to see from me?’. It’s a common occurrence, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of ideas. It means you’re communicating with and listening to your audience, you know, the ones consuming your content. It’s only logical to involve them.

There are multiple ways to do this on all platforms: questions stickers, polls, hosting a live, a CTA at the end of your caption… And you could also have a scroll through your comments and see if they’ve already been dropping hints.

Plus, not only will you get a better idea of what your audience wants from you, all of this interaction is great for your engagement as well.

Browse our Hub

We’re constantly staying on top of the latest trends and consistently updating our Hub with informational as well as inspirational content. For example, try reading this blogpost about creative ideas for TikTok. Or how about a guide on how to write the perfect caption? And if you want to know all about the future of Instagram, this blogpost is for you.

The possibilities are endless, and so will your inspiration be after browsing our Hub.

In conclusion

Dabbling in all of the above will only teach you more about yourself, content creation, and how your audience receives it.

A bit of experimenting can go a long way: you could discover new audiences, attract more followers and grow your community, but you could also end up expanding your skillset, learn a new passion, land new brand collaborations with brands you wouldn’t have met otherwise, etc.

When trying out new things to create content, the sky’s the limit. Aim high!