Writing a good Instagram caption can be challenging. It’s impossible to get those creative juices flowing every single time, especially if you’re an influencer who has to post regularly. Because a good caption not only has to catch the eye, it also needs to keep your audience engaged. And let’s be honest: sometimes you just want to post a nice picture without having to rack your brain for twenty minutes.

Good thing you can avoid all writers’ block with our foolproof tips. Keep on reading!

Is my caption really that important?

Yes. Plain and simple. Especially if you are an influencer, your caption is one of the most important ways to improve your engagement, which is how you can ‘beat’ Instagram’s algorithm.

You’ve probably already heard about it – or even discovered it firsthand -, but Instagram benefits an engaged, tight-knit community. The more your followers interact with your content, the higher your engagement is, and the more the algorithm will favor you.

If your engagement goes through the roof, Instagram might even bump you up to the Explore page! In other words, more engagement leads to more reach, which leads to more followers, which leads to more possible engagement, and so on.

So basically, you have to get your followers involved, and a well-thought-out caption can do just that.

How can I write a good caption every time?

Look at every caption as an opportunity to engage with your audience.

We’re not saying every post should be a witty joke or an emotional explanation – that’s not always relevant -, but we are saying you shouldn’t consider the caption as an afterthought. Your pictures are definitely important, yes, but every post is truly a package deal.

Luckily, there are some tips to ensure a good caption time after time.

  1. Write in advance: a good way to stay ahead is to write your captions in bulk. When you’re feeling inspired, sit down and start pumping out the captions or at least writing down first drafts. Plan ahead, and you’ll never be at a loss for words
  2. Grab their attention: your first sentence is the most important. It needs to reel your followers in. Also, captions are shortened on IG, so it’s really all about those first couple of words. No time to dilly-dally, get straight to the point
  3. Break it up: insert some white space – especially if you’ve got a lot to say -, it just looks better and cleaner to insert some line breaks. A big block of text will scare off a lot of people
  4. Use a couple of emoji’s to add color and personality but don’t go overboard
  5. End with a clear call-to-action: “double tap if you agree”, “like”, “comment your favorite”, “tag a friend”, “go to the link in bio”, etc.
  6. Sprinkle some relevant hashtags at the end to boost your discoverability. Go niche with it instead of using the vague go-to terms (like #love, #summer, etc), because again, it’s all about getting the right people to connect with your content, not just about collecting likes
  7. A good way to double-check if you like your caption is to read it aloud to yourself. Does it sound good? Is it something you would actually say? Make sure you’re always authentic

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