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  • Lotte Derudder

We hate the word “job”, but we do love the word “career”. And that’s exactly what our work offer for you is about.

We offer you:
the kind of work which doesn’t need a triple espresso to motivate you to start the day;
an opportunity to express your own skills as well as to learn new ones;
an entry ticket to a family consisting of smart, ambitious and supportive human beings;
the chance to put your energy towards things adding up to something meaningful.

Does all of this sounds appealing to you? Then come join us!

  • Sales
    Join our team! We are looking for inbound and outbound sales representatives. As a sales representative, you will be a crucial part of our team tasked with expanding our...
  • Front-end developer
    Join the core tech team At the moment, Influo is looking for developers with a keen eye for design for the position of Front-EndDeveloper.
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