Top 15 Dutch Influencers on InfluoIn a world of digital marketing, influencer marketing is impossible to overlook. We compiled a list of some of the many great Dutch influencers who are part of our Influo community.

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To give a head start, we made this list with Influo’s top 15 Dutch influencers of 2022.

Top 15 Dutch influencers of 2022

1. Rianne Meijer

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Een bericht gedeeld door RIANNE MEIJER 🐶 (@rianne.meijer)

#Followers: 1.5 million

Focus: Humor, fashion, beauty, travel

What makes her worth following? First up on our list of Dutch influencers is Rianne Meijer. Rianne is best known for her Instagram vs. reality posts. Her style is really down-to-earth and inspires her followers to dream big. She loves working with brands that are in line with her identity. Rianne always strives to be honest and real with her followers. That’s why she says “the more natural the better;” she wants to believe that people follow her because they can identify themselves with her. Her sense of humor and self-deprecation definitely help with this. 

Future? Rianne would love to further develop her loungewear brand. Next to that, she’s sure she will still be posting as her humorous self on Instagram a lot.

2. Juultje Tieleman

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Een bericht gedeeld door J U U L T J E (@juultjetieleman)

#Followers: 1 million

Focus: Fashion, traveling, lifestyle

What makes her worth following? Juultje posts beautiful pictures from all over the world but remains very down-to-earth about her life. In addition to Instagram, she also has a large following on Youtube where she makes vlogs giving her followers a glimpse into her life. In 2019, she was seen in the documentary ‘I am influencer’ where she talked about her life as an influencer and the insecurities she deals with. 

Future?  Besides creating online content, Juultje loves to sing. In the future, she wants to focus on her career as a singer. A talent she’s been withholding for some time. 

3. Polabur

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Een bericht gedeeld door Polina Полина ♏︎ (@polabur)

#Followers: 308K

Focus: Traveling, lifestyle

What makes her worth following? Being addicted to traveling around the world, Polina decided to share her experiences on Instagram and her lifestyle and travel blog Polabur. She loves recommending go-to places to stay or eat from her own experiences on her blog. Polina is originally from Russia, before moving to Amsterdam, which explains her Russian follower base.

Future? Polina is happy to call herself a professional blogger and to be traveling around the world while creating beautiful content.

4. Jellina Detmar

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Een bericht gedeeld door JELLINA | ONLINE ONDERNEMER ☀️ (@jellinadetmar)

#Followers: 297K

Focus: Interior, DIY

What makes her worth following? Jellina bought an old farm with her husband in 2016. Together with her whole family, she’s turning it into their dream house one room at a time. Jellina is very passionate about interior styling and shares her passion on Instagram with her followers. Her content will inspire you to redo your home interior in no time. Thankfully she has a blog where she occasionally posts DIYs so we can try and recreate her aesthetically looking creations at home.

Future? Jellina and her husband would love to own a B&B with a house where they would offer different group activities like cooking workshops. Jellina would also like to further engage in photography.

5. Lizzy van der Ligt

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Een bericht gedeeld door Lizzy (@lizzyvdligt)

#Followers: 271K

Focus: Fashion, traveling, beauty

What makes her worth following? In need of some outfit inspiration? Say no more. On Instagram, you can find Lizzy’s colorful and stylish outfits. Lizzy is a stylist by profession and has her own clothing line called Cafe Noir. She regularly collaborates with fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, The Kooples, Mango, Calvin Klein, Sony, YSL Beauty, and Nike. In addition to her gorgeous outfits, she also gives her followers a glimpse into her personal life. She loves to travel and explore new places. In 2021, Lizzy wrote a book called “Ibiza stories”, the ultimate guide for your next trip to the Island.

Future? Lizzy keeps on posting pictures of her funky outfits and stunning trips. She became a mother in 2021 and since then her baby girl started entering her feed. 

6. Lian Galliard

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Een bericht gedeeld door LIAN GALLIARD (@liangalliard)

#Followers: 244K

Focus: Fashion, beauty, lifestyle

What makes her worth following? Basic surely isn’t always boring, and Lian is the one to prove it. Best known for her basic and accessible street style Lian shows her followers how to dress in style. In 2012, Lian started a blog after wanting to create content in line with her personal interest: fashion. Since then she has quit her job in marketing and made Instagram her full-time profession. After a while, Lian realized she had another love in her life next to fashion and her boyfriend Rick: she loves to travel. So she sold all of her belongings, except for her Chanel bag, she knows what’s important. Traveling the world while sharing her experiences with her followers then became Lian’s focus.

Future? She lived in Sidney for a while but is now back in Groningen, the Netherlands. In 2021, she founded Studio Lian Galliard, a creative agency for social visibility & branding, with a focus on Instagram. 

7. Kim Ter Stege

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Een bericht gedeeld door Kim ter Stege | 🤍 (@kimterstege)

#Followers: 230K

Focus: Fitness, beauty, lifestyle

What makes her worth following? Another one of our favorite Dutch Influencers is Kim Ter Stege. About two years ago, Kim started focussing on her health journey and got very passionate about fitness. Currently, she takes her followers along on her journey and motivates them to stay healthy. Originally, Kim started out as a beauty content creator. She even has her own makeup collection called Meraki Cosmetics. 

Future? She recently started her own podcast called “ownyourmind”. In the podcast she talks about her life experiences, bettering yourself, and finding yourself. Spirituality is another topic that is frequently highlighted.

8. Benthe Liem

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Een bericht gedeeld door Benthe Liem (@bentheliem)

#Followers: 223K

Focus: Beauty, fashion

What makes her worth following? The best way to describe Benthe’s style is a mix of toughness and femininity.  She has a very minimalistic aesthetic and most certainly knows how to make Reels. Her style is approachable and appeals to many girls. She’s what the youngsters nowadays call an ‘it girl’. Benthe also has an online clothing store called Butter And Hazel. Talk about an entrepreneur. She lives her life according to the quote ”Believe in your goals out loud: then they will often come true.”. 

Future? Benthe would love to further expand her clothing line. She recently dropped a gorgeous spring summer 2022 bikini collection, something she’d been working hard on. 

9. Amaka Hamelijnck

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Een bericht gedeeld door AMAKA (@amaka.hamelijnck)

#Followers: 215K

Focus: Fashion, travel, food

What makes her worth following? She’s half Nigerian and half Dutch and Amaka completely stole our hearts. The curly-haired girl got inspired by different fashion profiles on Instagram and Pinterest and decided to create her own. If she’s not posting pictures of her fun outfits, she’s traveling the world and sharing her experiences with her followers. Amaka has a very bubbly personality and is an advocate for diversity. Her glass is always half full and her positivity makes her glow. 

Future? Together with 5 friends, she started hosting a podcast called “met de gurnels” where they talk about love, business and other struggles we face on a daily basis. 

10. Jip Janssen Heldoorn

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Een bericht gedeeld door Jipp Janssen- Heldoorn (@jippheldoorn)

#Followers: 180K

Focus: Fashion, mommy

What makes her worth following? Jipp is a young mother of three who shares her life through vlogs on Youtube and pictures on Instagram. Her content consists of beautiful images and funny videos, but she also posts raw and emotional videos talking about encounters she has to deal with. Jipp has two children’s clothing lines called Liv Like a Wolf and The Sev Collection, mentioning her three children. She also has her heart out for animals. Hence, her dog, her two cats, two horses, and her pony complete her family.

Future? In addition to the two clothing lines she already has, coming soon is Fuego de Caballo. A collection of horse riding clothes that Jipp named after her own horse Flame.

11. Dominique Canbido

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Een bericht gedeeld door Dominique Candido (@dominique_candido)

#Followers: 180K

Focus: Travel, beauty, fashion, lifestyle

What makes her worth following? Next on our list of Dutch influencers is Dominique Candido. Dominique is a stylist presently located in Amsterdam. She used to have a blog called DEAU but currently she treats her Instagram as an online style diary that covers outfits, travel stories and mood boards full of inspiration with a personal touch. Her aesthetic pictures are very pleasing to the eye. 

Future? She’s mainly focusing on her job in the social media sector at the moment where she works as a team manager. But she still posts beautiful content on her Instagram.

12. @budgethome

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Een bericht gedeeld door Desiree de Vreede (@budgethome)

#Followers? 179K

Focus: Interior design

What makes her worth following? When Desiree and her family moved into a new house in 2015 she started the Instagram Account @budgethome. Her new interior and her love for budget finds were the foundation for @budgethome. Desiree shares tips and inspiration to make stylish living accessible to every pocket. So having a nice (and Insta-worthy) interior doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

Future?  Desiree has seen her followers grow since she started @budgethome seven years ago. Currently, she still works as a teacher but she spends at least one day a week working on @budgethome that has grown into a serious business. 

13. Rosey Jones

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Een bericht gedeeld door Rosey Jones 🌞 (@roseyjones)

#Followers? 151K

Focus: Art, lifestyle

What makes her worth following? Rosey is a visual artist based in Den Haag. In addition to art, she also loves coffee, cake, and photography. She’s always creating illustrations of everything in the traditional American style also known as old-school tattoos to which she has added her own colorful and contemporary touch. Rosey set-up her own online shop where you can buy some of her art pieces. 

Future?  Rosey would love to expand her webshop even more over the years. She started out only selling prints and slowly added more items to her webshop but she believes she can always add more and do better. 

14. Isadee Jansen

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Een bericht gedeeld door Isadee Jansen (@isadeejansen)

#Followers? 135K

Focus: Fashion, lifestyle and beauty

What makes her worth following? In 2018, Isadee participated in the contest ‘Curvy Supermodel The Netherlands’ and won. It was the start of her career as a curvy model. Despite being a literal supermodel, she stays her authentic self and shows her followers who she really is. She’s a self-love advocate who keeps inspiring with motivational quotes and stunning pictures.

Future?  With her career as a curvy model, she’s still rocking the fashion world, and she will continue to do so for a while. 

15. The nice stuff collector

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Een bericht gedeeld door The Nice Stuff Collector (@theobert_pot)

#Followers? 122K

Focus: Interior design

What makes him worth following? Last but certainly not least on our list of Dutch influencers is Theo-Bert Pot. Theo-Bert is, as his name might give away, a collector. He has an eye for beautiful pieces. In the tv program, ‘BinnensteBuiten’ Theo-Bert is seen as an interior stylist where he furnishes and styles rooms in people’s homes. He describes his style as ‘always a little more than a little less, in everything I do”. Theo-Bert loves coziness and likes to mix different colors and materials. He likes to show the results of her work through pictures on his Instagram page. 

Future? Theo-Bert will keep on collecting interior pieces in the future. He regularly appears in home magazines with his interior reports. It’s something that makes him feel proud, a confirmation of his creative work. 

The Dutch influencers we’ve listed above are just a couple of many that are part of our Influo community. Are you ready to start your own influencer marketing journey? 

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