This webinar will help you build a powerful influencer marketing strategy. Our expert panel talks about practical tips on how to do this. If you aim to close the year with a bang or to have kickass campaigns in the future. Let Influo be your co-pilot to your destination in influencer marketing.

Here are a couple of interesting facts we want to highlight.

Why is influencer marketing so important?

Chances are, if you’re active in marketing, you’ve already heard of Simon Sinek and his world famous book ‘Start with why’. He believes that the guiding principle of our endeavors should be based not on what we do or how we do it, but rather on why we do it. Because we share this thought process, let’s start with the ‘why’ of today’s topic:

Why should you integrate influencer marketing in your Strategy? For us, of course, the benefits are more than clear:  it expands your company’s reach, increases your credibility in your industry, establishes you as a thought leader within your field of expertise, boosts your engagement on social media, drives traffic to websites, and helps build tight communities. 

But not all brands or managers can see the immense power influencer marketing can have, if done right and taken seriously. 

In fact, it is often the first thing that is left out or downsized if the budget is a bit tight, it’s often overlooked in the whole or it’s more difficult to get your management’s approval when you propose to integrate/expand it.

With these topics, we want to help you see the power of influencer marketing even more, as well as hand you concrete tools to convert possible non-believers.

  • Storytelling
  • Knowing your goals & measuring your ROI more accurately
  • Finding the right influencer
  • How to integrate influencer marketing in your strategy
  • Budget

When should you start with influencer marketing?

We started with the why, covered the what, the how, and other specifics. Now let’s end on the ‘when’ of it all. When should you start building or strengthening your influencer marketing strategy? The only right answer is now. The sooner the better.

Our experts at Influo are always available to help you get started. Start your influencer marketing journey here.

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We’ve had an online webinar talk with experts in the field, who gave their insights and shared their expertise around these topics.

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Our experts at Influo are always available to help you get started. Start your influencer marketing journey here.