By now, you’ve probably noticed that Instagram has bid farewell to the notorious swipe-up function. May it rest in peace. Since the newest update, links can be added to stories in the form of clickable buttons. Though they’re still not a privilege for anyone to enjoy: only accounts with more than 10K followers can include a link in their story. Luckily, there are some snazzy tips and tricks for those who aren’t there (yet).

Let us show you the way!

1) Link in bio

The saying has become as prevalent as the words ‘subscribe’ and ‘follow’, but with reason. It’s one of the easiest and best ways to include links on Instagram – with or without 10K. Just go to ‘edit profile’ and paste the link under ‘website’. You can change it as often as you’d like, or you can just leave it as the same link always.

Now, you can simply refer people to your bio. Even more so, if you use…

2) Stickers

Obviously, we’re here because you don’t have access to the ‘link’ function in your stories, but did you know you can use pretty much every other sticker to your advantage? Which, in turn, can be a great boost for your interaction and engagement!

–   Mention

This one actually goes along with the link in bio ‘trick’.

As we stated above, after you’ve included the right link in your bio, you can refer people there. But simply stating so might lead some people to lose interest – and thus you could lose valuable clicks. Instead, include a clear call to action and show them the way by tagging your own profile right below via the mention sticker, allowing people to click on it immediately.

The easier you make the path, the more likely your followers are to follow it.

–   Poll

Next time you make a story and you’d like to share a link at the end, you can also do so by using the poll sticker.

Simply ask the question: ‘would you like to receive the link?’ and a simple yes/no answer. Next, send the link to the people who chose ‘yes’. Or if you’d like to make it a bit more fun, let them choose between emojis.

The poll method does mean a bit more work, but it’s worth it, because it does show you who really wants to receive the link.

–   Question

Very similar to the poll option, you can use the question sticker: ‘would you like to receive the link?’ Again, you end up with a clear overview of people’s answers, but now you can also just tap the individual positive answers to respond immediately and drop them the link.

–   Slide in the DMs

Alternatively, tell people to slide in your DM’s, or ask them to react with one of the quick emoji reactions if they’d like to receive the link.


Lastly, since links are clickable in IGTV captions, there’s a hack to add a link to your story that way. Of course, this one means that you’d have to make a video, but no worries, it can just be a simple black screen with a clear CTA like ‘click here for the link’. If you’re interested in doing it this way, there are plenty of quick and easy YouTube tutorials on this hack.

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