Anyone can find their liking on social media nowadays. The second most common global leisure activity after traveling, namely sports, is no exception to this rule. Even more so since the recent boom in ‘healthy living’ and thus increased focus on our fitness. There are communities for just about every existing sport out there, from tennis to quidditch (the Harry Potter game, yes, it really exists). And then there are the sports influencers, in all of their subdivisions.

From big to small, we’re going to tell you how sports influencers can help your brand. Because even though it seems that lifestyle influencers are taking over social media, don’t forget that the most followed person on Instagram is in fact… Cristiano Ronaldo.

A sports influencer can be more than just a sports player, by the way. The general rule of thumb is that they are focused on something in the sports field. Sports influencers will usually post anything from workout videos to nutrition-themed content and motivational/behind-the-scenes imagery.

What’s nice about sports influencers specifically, is that they inspire a lot of people to live – or at least think about – a more active life. Which in turn automatically leads to a healthier one. Influencers in this industry do more than just promote products or services: they promote a lifestyle. They tell their followers what they need to do in order to look like them, which can directly impact lives.

Logically, they have to be even stricter about which brands they support, if they want to maintain their followers’ trust.

It’s a lifestyle

Since the sports landscape only continues to grow, so will the influencer partnerships.

Earlier this year, the global sports market was valued at around 1.1 trillion dollars.

Not illogical, because if you think about it, sports brands nowadays want to sell an overall healthy lifestyle. 

Most of them are now even incorporating fashion, technology, beauty and food in their product ranges. It’s not just about sports anymore. Logically, brands need to work extra hard to be able to compete and thrive. How can they do this? By ensuring a strong social media strategy.

Consumers want content from legitimate sources. So whether it’s a famous athlete that they look up to or a smaller influencer that simply inspires them to work out, they go looking for authentic and trustworthy influencers more than ever in today’s oversaturated and overadvertised market.

This is why, in most cases but especially in sports influencing, if you find the right influencer for your brand: make them a brand ambassador.

The ambassador

We’ve seen everything in traditional marketing: from athletes endorsing drinks and Rolexes to basketball players creating their shoes and golfers getting their video games. Multiple athletes are now associated with big brands and have become even more famous for it.

It’s a great and credible cross-pollination and a relatively low-cost investment (unless you’re trying to arrange Ronaldo right away), so why wouldn’t you look into the possibilities for your brand?

Sure, you can always go for a one-off post as well, but sponsoring someone or giving them a long-term contract shows loyalty and provides you with a direct line to a highly targeted audience. If done right, it can allow you to continuously boost your credibility, raise brand awareness and generate more sales all-in-one.

So again: why wouldn’t you? 

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