Fashion and influencer marketing go hand in hand. In fact, they seem to be made for each other. The fashion industry has been one of the biggest players in social media since its beginning. On Instagram alone, fashion accounts for 25% of all brand interactions. Now, there are more opportunities and quality influencers out there than ever, so if you are a fashion brand, why not ride the wave?

Before you get started, allow us to give you a first quick glimpse into the wonderful world of fashion influencers.

Thanks to their huge followings, these influencers can significantly impact the relationship between a brand and its consumers. A fashion influencer comes across as way more authentic than any brand-related message, and therein lies their enormous power.

Partnering with the right talent can not only increase brand awareness and community engagement. It can also increase traffic and even boost sales. Benefits only!

Very niche

First, let’s define: what makes a fashion influencer? They often get confused with the more general lifestyle influencer, although the difference is as clear as day.

A lifestyle influencer does a little bit of everything: they usually cover and share just about every aspect of their life—fashion, food, interior, travel, etc. Fashion influencers, on the other hand, do a whole lot of one thing: fashion. They exclusively post fashion-related content.

It’s possible that a lifestyle influencer started as a fashion influencer and felt the need/desire to diversify their content, but that’s not always the case. Some influencers are simply so passionate about fashion that they want to stick to this niche and build a whole career out of it.

There are benefits to both: lifestyle influencers have such diversified content to reach a wider audience. But then again, fashion influencers have a highly targeted and niche audience.   

Dedicated audience

Plus, there is a wide range of fashion influencers, each specializing in their own niches. Think sustainability, vintage, haute couture, budget, body positivity, etc. Nowadays, there’s truly someone out there for pretty much everyone.

By working with the right type of influencer for your brand, you thus have a highly targeted group of followers in the palm of your hand. This is one of the best aspects of influencer marketing, and you should appreciate the influencer for giving you this access.

On top of that, the influencer has been building their following for a while now. They work hard to build a connection with their followers, and – if they want to beat today’s Instagram algorithm – they invest a lot of time in engaging. This means that a high level of authenticity and trust has already been established.

In contrast to traditional advertising, followers aren’t skeptical. They already believe the influencer. And you get to reap the results.

Who, what, where?

If you decide to work with a fashion influencer and set your goals, take your sweet time in making a selection. This step is the most important one. It is vital that you choose the exact right match for your brand. Luckily, we’ve made a handy dandy guide on how to go about this.

Next, the sky’s the limit. There is a plethora of creativity in the fashion industry, and its influencers truly go the extra mile to stay innovative.

You can always go the traditional route: sponsorships, ads, promo codes, hauls, etc. But you can also get more interactive and, e.g., style your influencer, let them style someone, host interesting talks/interviews, organize a social media takeover or an event, let them design a collection and more.

Don’t be afraid to trust your influencer and go with their creative flow. They are experienced experts, after all.


The fashion industry and influencer marketing industry continue thriving and can only reinforce each other further. They’re both extremely dynamic and ever-changing. 

Fashion quite literally changes with the seasons, so its content will never run out. It’s up to you and your influencer(s) to put a new creative spin on it! 

All of this combined makes it an incredibly exciting time to be a brand (and influencer) working in fashion.