Recently Artevelde University released results of their extended research on the topic of “How do Belgian youngsters experience branding and influencer marketing via social media?”

The research brought interesting insights relevant to brands and creators involved in influencer marketing.

Covering different topics highlights the main differences between the french-speaking and dutch-speaking parts of the country, differences between various social media platforms. It gives a detailed overview of how young audiences interact with branded content.

Here are a couple of interesting facts we want to highlight.

TikTok is growing in popularity

There is a massive increase in the popularity of TikTok, of more than 34% compared to 2019. Consumers looked for new, fun content during the lockdowns, and TikTok provided them with exactly that. 

Now, brands should make the most out of this, and include TikTok in their social media and marketing strategies.

Although affinity for brand-related content on this app is still quite low, and consumers prefer the app precisely because it is not saturated with branded content, brands can find a way to get their brand name out there using the app. All it takes is creativity and smart planning.

Relying on creators to do this is key.

Creators can benefit from this as well, as it brings them new ways to collaborate with brands and create new kind of content.

It’s not just young people on TikTok

Although most TikTok users are 16-18 years old (in Belgium), there is a growth in popularity of the app amongst Millenials. 

Currently, there is a huge untapped potential for brands to reach marketing goals.

Creators, on the other hand, could increase their overall reach, and grow their community.

Instagram is THE platform for influencer marketing and branded content. 

Instagram remains the most popular platform for young users, with 83% of them using it daily.

Even though audiences are growing tired of the oversaturation of branded content, they have grown accustomed to following creators and influencers. Meaning they choose what kind of branded content they see. 74% of young people think working with influencers is a great strategy for brands.

As Instagram realizes the relevance of video, adding more tools to accommodate this, such as IGTV and Reels, more content creation opportunities exist for brands and creators. 

Fun and original content is key

56% of young Belgians said they looked up a brand after seeing brand-related content on influencer’s feeds.

This means there is a great opportunity for brands to reach consumers.

Key? Fun and original content.

The time of product placement content is gone. Audiences want to see fun, short, emotion-triggering content that will make them engaged rather than being passive observers. 

Once again, the best way to achieve this is by relying on creators and their creative skills. They know what works best with their audience.

Watch the full webinar

Brands and creators can learn a lot more from the research report.

We’ve had an online webinar talk with experts in the field, who gave their insights and shared their expertise around these learning points.

Want to learn more about how young audiences in Belgium interact with branded posts and influencer content?

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