Influencer marketing has been quite a popular term in the marketing community for some time now and influencers play a huge role in the social media happening. That’s why, right now, it’s incredibly useful to hop on the influencer train.

It’s always fun to get inspired by other people, but with such a large number of great influencers out there, it’s often not that easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. No worries though, because we made a list of the best influencers Belgium and The Netherlands has to offer so you can browse your ass off.

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1. Queen of jetlags

#Followers: 706.000

Focuses on: Fashion, lifestyle, beauty

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Noor founded Queen of Jetlags in 2013 when she graduated from college. She’s always had an eye for the next big trend and an urge to find great sales. Because she’s always been passionate about fashion, she thought it was time to put her passion to good use. Thus “Queen of Jet Lags” was born where she shares her love for fashion. Apart from being an influencer, she’s also an avid traveler, it’s a huge part of her life and it’s something she’s grateful for every day. Therefore she finds it her responsibility to share her experiences with her followers.


2. Aurelie Van Daelen

#Followers: 646.000

Focuses on: Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, motherhood

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Aurelie’s a Belgian blogger and influencer from Lille. Apart from being an influencer she’s also a TV-perosnality, Youtuber and mom to her son Pharell. She’s always been fascinated by fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and now motherhood can be added to her list of passions. She wanted to have her own little place on the internet where she could share her stories and experiences thus she created the blog LILI, named after her favorite nickname.


3. Polina 

#Followers: 346.000

Focuses on: Fashion, travel

Why doe she deserves to be in this list? Polabur founder Polina Burashnikova is originally from Russia, but now calls Amsterdam her home. One look at her passport and you can tell she’s already had a very adventurous life and we have to admit, we’re a bit jealous! She’s had the opportunity to travel to Grasse, the valhalla of perfumes, with Le Labo Fragrances and to Venice with Estée Lauder.


4. Arielle Dannique

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Monday Strolls! ??

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#Followers: 307.000

Focuses on: Mode, lifestyle

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Arielle is a 23-year-old influencer who needed an outlet where she could talk about her passion for fashion and photography. It may come as a shock but she wasn’t always such a social media fanatic. Actually, for a long time, she didn’t want anything to do with it. That was until she realized social media, especially Instagram, turned out to be the perfect platform to share her interest with the general public. After receiving tons of positive feedback on her Instagram she realized it was time to expand, so she started a blog. That’s how Arielledannique was born.


5. Shraddha Singh

#Followers: 304.000

Focuses on: Fashion, lifestyle

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Shraddha Singh set up her blog “Shrads” in 2015 as a creative outlet and as an extension of her Instagram account. With over 300,000 followers, she’s a top influencer who creates innovative and inspiring content. Shraddha grew up in India, but found her way to Europe. Before she started as a professional influencer and blogger, she worked as a Software Engineer for 6 years, but the interest in fashion and blogging took the upper hand.


6. Vince Okerman

#Followers: 302.000

Focuses on: Art, illustrations, tutorials

Why does he deserve to be in this list? He’s been drawing his whole life, but only started to share his colorful creations on Instagram when he was 15 years old. Vince Okerman, or better known as Vexx, is a student in Applied Economics and living in Brabant. It wasn’t until he did a summer job he didn’t like at all, that he realized he wanted to make a living doing what he loves and does best: drawing. When he got home from school, he would finish his homework and then immediately start drawing and sketching. He’d then post his drawings online, which quickly got him attention on social media. Later on, he started to experiment with videos of him drawing, tutorials if you will. He’d post them on his Youtube channel and they immediately got tons of views. Right now, his Youtube channel has over 630,000 subscribers.


7. Rianne Meijer

#Followers: 287.000

Focuses on: Fashion, travel, photography

Why does she deserve to be in this list? The Dutch beauty Rianne has transformed from a lovely rather unknown Instagrammer to the hottest new influencer of 2018. She originally moved to Amsterdam for her modelling career, but soon realized that wasn’t really her thing. In 2016, she discovered that Instagram was so much more than just posting nice selfies. That’s how she got into “the Gram”. She started posting every day and got great at editing to make her overall Instagram account really stand out. After working on her Instagram for about three months straight, she got her first contract with a brand. Now, 2 years later, she has over 287,000 followers and counting. Besides being a successful influencer, she also manages a Youtube channel where she posts vlogs of her travels and does Q&A’s.


8. Masoom Minawala

#Followers: 246.000

Focuses on: Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, culture

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Masoom Minawala is a 25-year-old fashion blogger, influencer and CEO of Miss Style Fiesta. Contrary to popular belief, she wasn’t always that interested in fashion. She was more of a tomboy who actually didn’t care what she wore, as long as it was comfy. Now years later, she’s a fashion inspiration to many and shares her love for fashion not only on her blog but also on her Instagram. She founded Miss Style Fiesta as an outlet for her love of all things fashion and never expected it to become what it is today. Not only can you browse through her blog and Instagram for daily outfit inspiration, but she also writes about the fashion trends, gives beauty advice and shares her travel stories with the outside world. The digital world has always been a big interest of hers and she actually designed her very first website all by herself at the age of 16! Ever since then, she’s been glued to her laptop. Over the years, Masoom has been able to collaborate with some of the top names in the fashion industry. She worked with Dior for the campaign “#8DaysWithDior” and got to travel to her birthplace India. And last year, Vogue wrote a whole story about her exuberant Indian wedding.


9. Nathalie Van Den Bergh

#Followers: 207.000

Focuses on: Mode, beauty

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Curls and Bags” founder Nathalie Van Den Bergh founded the blog in 2012 and it quickly evolved in what it is today: a source of fashion inspiration and basically the extension of her Instagram account. When browsing through her Instagram, you’ll discover she’s a travel junkie, posting amazing pictures of her trips. She recently also started her very own Youtube channel, she finds it to be a more personal space to discuss certain subjects, than posting an article on a blog.


10. Aurela Skandaj

#Followers: 204.000

Focuses on: Youtube, fashion, beauty

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Aurela joined the Youtuber world in 2015 and three years later, she has over 159,000 subscribers. She gained popularity through her makeup and fashion vlogs such as GRWM’s, lookbooks and tutorials. Even though Youtube is where it all started, it isn’t the only platform she focuses on anymore. Instagram is also playing a huge role in her life right now since she’s become an influencer. When you’re in need of some daily outfit inspiration or want some beauty tips, Aurela’s Instagram is definitely your number one source. Apart from the beauty and fashion posts, she also writes travel stories. The “stories” function on Instagram is something she uses frequently to post short videos of makeup tutorials.


11. Nemi Dupuis

#Followers: 198.000

Focuses on: Fashion, beauty, blogger

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Nemi’s an influencer based in Amsterdam. Apart from having a successful Instagram account, she also has a blog called “Dutch Blend” where you’ll find a mix of outfit posts and beauty and travel stories. In addition, she’s also collaborated with some well known brands such as M.A.C. Cosmetics, Coach, Estée Lauder, Aqua Di Parma, Guess and Cluse.


12. Dominique Candido

#Followers: 174.000

Focuses on: Fashion, lifestyle

Why doe she deserve to be in this list? DEAU was founded by Dominique in 2014. She describes her blog as a style diary where she posts outfits, travel stories and moodboards that present her personal style. Dominique didn’t actually pay attention to the fashion world until she started college. She didn’t only discover fashion but also fashion blogs and how people were putting themselves out there. After college she decided it was time to start blogging professionally. Apart from blogging and being an online influencer, she’s also a stylist.


13. Nicole Ballardini

#Followers: 160.000

Focuses on: Fashion, jewellery

Why does she deserve to be in this list? She’s originally from la bella Italia, but moved to Amsterdam after spending 7 years in London. She was studying marketing management at the time and even though it wasn’t her intention to stay in England, she got an offer to work in the fashion industry and ended up staying. After meeting tons of fashion bloggers while working in the industry, she decided it was time to start blogging herself. That’s how Nickyinsideout was born. Right now, she’s a fulltime blogger and online influencer and mom to Emma Maaike.


14. An Katrien

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Off to Bergen today ??

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#Followers: 152.000

Focuses on: Fashion, beauty

Why does she deserve to be in this list? An Katrien is a pianist, teacher, designer and owner of the blog Teacups and Dresses. Besides having a passion for everything fashion and beauty, she’s also recently become a mom. Congrats, An Katrien! She loves trying out the latest fashion trends and likes to mix things up like combining a cute girly sundress with a pair of biker boots. Trying out beauty products and posting reviews about them on her Youtube channel are things she will never get tired of doing. In the past, she’s worked with several brands such as Yves Rocher, for which she made a range of videos that you can watch for yourself here.


15. Sophie May

#Followers: 143.000

Focuses on: Fashion, travel

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Sophie May’s an online influencer who focuses on Instagram. Her Instagram is filled with tons of travel and outfit pictures and if you want to know what she’s up to, just check her Instagram stories and you’ll be completely up to date. You can call her kind of a tough girl when looking at her personal style, combining biker boots with a rough leather jacket. Apart from an Instagram, she also has a Youtube channel where she posts vlogs. In the past, she’s worked with brands such as Rimmel and Subdued.


Now you’re completely up to date on who to follow. Get inspired!


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