Influencer marketing is a hot topic these days. That’s why we would like to share what Influo has to offer.

We have a wide range of influencers on our platform, from food lovers, fashionistas, and travel addicts to beauty fanatics and so much more.

It would be impossible to showcase each one of our +2,000 influencers, so we have picked just a few of the many great Belgian Influencers on the Influo platform to inspire you today.

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1. Jennaminnie  

#Followers: 826K

Focus: Fashion, beauty, travel, health, and food

What makes her worth following? Jenna is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades: stylist, model, influencer, blogger, creative director, and psychologist. She embodies a modern, classy, and luxurious style by working with and wearing a selective variety of high-end brands. Jenna has already collaborated with some exclusive fashion brands thanks to her international reach.

Future? She would love to continue sharing her creativity each day with thousands of devoted readers and followers, opening a window to her dreamy, colorful, and radiant creations.



2. Gaellegd

#Followers: 817K

Focus: Beauty, fashion, health, travel

What makes her worth following? Gaelle Garcia Diaz is a very interesting character. She is a very unusual beauty vlogger because she doesn’t subscribe to traditional beauty standards. She recently shaved her head for charity to prove that you can be beautiful bald.

She has been on the cover of magazines such as Playboy and P-magazine. And on top of that, she has also created her own clothing line: Art Couture.

Future? Recently, she launched a new career as an active poker player. She is also working on an album which will be released in September!


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μύκονος ❤️

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3. Aurelievandaelen

#Followers: 630K

Focus: Beauty, fashion, lifestyle, traveling

What makes her worth following? Aurelie Van Daelen, also known as Lili, is a Belgian blogger, influencer, and YouTuber. Besides being a mother, she’s truly fascinated by beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. That’s why Aurelie created her blog LILI. She also worked for a French television show on NRJ for 6 years.

Future? The most important thing to her is being a hardworking mother and fashionista for Pharell, her 1-year-old son.


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Stay wild child ✌? Tap for brands ✨

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4. Talisalo

#Followers: 365K

Focus: Fashion, lifestyle

What makes her worth following? Talisa is known as a social influencer and owner of TotallyTwo, a clothing webshop created by her and her best friend. They’ve also published a book: Hoe word ik Instafamous? (How to get Instafamous) to share their tips and tricks on becoming an influencer.

Future?  She has started a YouTube and Instagram account with her boyfriend as well. The young couple from Hasselt (BE) shares their daily routine, interlaced with their personal interests. Every day, they share a vlog or activity video on their @talisamtv YouTube channel.



5. Vexx

#Followers: 275K

Focus: Art

What makes him worth following? Vince Okerman is only 19 and makes energy-filled artwork and shares the process in an entertaining way on his YouTube channel, which now has a mindblowing 800,000 subscribers. He was only 16 when he started his page. Above all, he never even went to art school. He is self-taught by watching YouTube, reading books, and most importantly: practice.

Future? Besides drawing, he has just made his first painting and shared it on YouTube. He is also studying Applied Economics in college.




6. Chloekitembo

#Followers: 400 K

Focus: Beauty, make-up, hair, and fashion

What makes her worth following? 23-year-old Chloé Kitembo turned something that started out of boredom into a booming business. The beauty is known for her make-up and wig tutorials. Her key to success is staying true to herself because that’s when people will admire you the most.

Future? She doesn’t really like to talk about her goals, because she feels that it’s something personal. However, she would love to turn what she’s doing now into a full-time job.

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I should do this more often – @jennyfer

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7. Missstylefiesta

#Followers: 233K

Focus: Fashion, lifestyle

What makes her worth following? Masoom Minawala won ‘E-tailer of the Year’ and has been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s leading fashion, luxury, beauty, and lifestyle brands such as Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, MAC, Estée Lauder, Calvin Klein, Sony, Nike, Adidas, etc. She also pursued 6 short courses in fashion at the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins. In total, she’s garnered over 10 million impressions across her social media channels.

Future? After starting her blog, she also launched her own fashion label Style Fiesta, to provide trendy fashion at an affordable price.



8. Nathalievandenberg

#Followers: 217K

Focus: Fashion, travel

What makes her worth following? Nathalie Van den Berg loves mixing travel and fashion. She started her blog Curls and Bags in 2012 and recently won the ‘Travel Lifestyle 2018’ award. She loves reporting about her favorite hotspots, tips, and experiences. Besides that, she also has a guest blogger Jeroen, her boyfriend, who shares his insights on male fashion. You can spot all of Nathalie’s outfits on her Instagram.

Future? Lately, Nathalie’s been focusing on YouTube, because she thinks it is so much more personal than just words.



9. Waystostudy

#Followers: 212K

Focus: Education, student lifestyle

What makes her worth following? Rose, who prefers to stay anonymous, inspires and motivates fellow students by showing them the life of a law student. Her brand is the motivation she offers people to work harder, the inspiration that helps people achieve their goals and the study tips that give people the opportunity to study smarter. The harder you work, the luckier you get. Her mission is to help people work a little harder, in order to get a better future.

Future? She’s always wanted to become a lawyer but since she started law school, she’s realized there is so much more you can become. She wants to do something good for the world, influence people and inspire them. At the moment, she wants to become a professor in a university or a judge in a high court like the International Court of Justice.



10. Aurelaskandaj

#Followers: 207K

Focus: fashion, beauty, travel

What makes her worth following? This Albanian beauty goes by the name of Aurela. She is passionate about photography, both in front of and behind the camera. When she’s not making YouTube videos, she is busy modeling. She has already modeled for Armani and Brazilian Bikini Shop. However, Aurela is not just all looks: this beauty also has brains—she has just finished her International Business and Management Masters. She is very spontaneous and talkative and loves traveling, discovering new cultures, and food.

Future? Aurela wants to continue modeling and making YouTube videos. Her goal is to be more present and post more. She’s thinking about switching up her videos with more outdoor videos and filming things differently. She loves new challenges and keeps setting new goals.


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Non désolée je ne partage pas

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11. Belmodotiany

#Followers? 205K

Focus: Fashion

What makes her worth following? This 39-year-old mom of 3 has already had an interesting career. Tiany started as the host for different tv shows on JIMtv, in which she would visit different stores—both in Belgium and abroad—to present the latest fashion trends. Eventually, she ended up launching her own online fashion magazine Belmodo, which is still a huge success. She collaborates with brands like Pinko and Lancôme.

Future? We’ll definitely continue seeing Tiany in the fashion scene and see her company Belmodo boom even more!



12. Anthonylastella

#Followers? 188K

Focus: Lifestyle, humor

What makes him worth following? Anthony is a guy with a crazy sense of humor. He has gained popularity on YouTube with challenges, personal discussions, and random videos. Improvisation is key in his content. He just picks a topic, turns on his camera, and goes with the flow. He doesn’t follow a script and that’s what usually makes people laugh.

Future? He would love to do a little tour through France to entertain people.


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13. Audmarshmaloo

#Followers? 170K

Focus: Fashion, beauty, lifestyle

What makes her worth following? Audrey Marshmaloo has a really eclectic following, with an age reach from 17 to 44. The 36-year-old shares her daily life, her weight loss journey, travels, and fashion on Instagram and YouTube. She’s created video content for different brands and partners with diverse editorials.

Future? Audrey is working on launching her own cosmetic brand and accessories. Writing a book is also on the list.




14. Tout_pour_se_faire_belle

#Followers? 172K

Focus: Fashion, beauty, and travel

What makes her worth following? Laila Zaoui is a young Moroccan mom who lives in Belgium. The aim of her channel is to help women take care of themselves with all means possible. She has changed the style of her videos since she became a mom. Her channel currently features many angles: lookbooks for her outfits, recipes, social topics, and many other subjects to target young moms, fashion lovers, and any woman who feels that she is special and wants to be her best self.

Future? Laila is currently working in a finance department. The message that she’s trying to convey is that every woman should believe in herself and no matter how life gets hard sometimes, they all have the courage to overcome any struggle.


15. Ankatrien

#Followers? 153K

Focus: Fashion and beauty

What makes her worth following? An-Katrien is the founder of Teacups and Dresses. Apart from blogging, you can find her behind her piano as a teacher and in her atelier, as the designer of her own clothing label. She is also passionate about home decoration—her home doesn’t change every season, it changes every day. Her family is the most important thing in the world to her. Her husband, dog, and little baby girl make her social media fun and familiar to follow. She also gained a lot of attention by being on Pink Ambition on Belgian television. Besides that, she has traveled all her life and it taught her that it is important to discover new places, cultures, and habits.

Future? She’ll continue working on her own Teacups and Dresses brand and try to combine this with new motherhood. Congratulations An-Katrien!


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Walking into the weekend like ? #colorbomb

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