Mommy influencers, and more generally family influencers, are without a doubt one of the biggest players in the social media world right now. In just a couple of years the range of different profiles within this influencer subcategory has exploded. Why? Because they offer a very specific relatability: the highs and lows of being a parent and raising children in this modern world.

If you work with the right family influencer, you can reach an incredibly targeted audience. This makes them very interesting to incorporate in your marketing strategy. Keep reading to find out more.

Whether they are pre-existing influencers going through a big life change, or they freshly enter the influencing scene already a parent: there’s a plethora of varied profiles focused on family content nowadays. There’s pregnant women, single dads, stepmoms and dads, mixed households, solo moms, parents who adopted, parents who have experienced loss…

Everyone can find someone to relate to.

And relatable they are. On top of providing you with practical tips and hacks, these family influencers are often honest. Raising children isn’t all fun and games. This level of authenticity tends to attract even more people.

More often than not, the parent influencer builds a tight-knit community around them where stories are told, advice is shared, and followers build close relationships with each other.

This highly engaged audience is the family influencer’s great strength. It’s also what makes them very attractive for brand collaborations and influencer marketing.

The other side of the coin

Some mommy and family influencers have even become so-called ‘parentpreneurs’, making a full living off their content and brand deals. While admirable, herein lies the biggest danger of family influencing. Because it has become a multi-million-dollar industry, a lot of the original authenticity of this niche has been impacted.

Some of the family influencers have lost touch with their original goal: sharing the ups and downs of parenting and family life. As these influencers became bigger and bigger, advertising started having more and more say.

In the monetization of it all, a lot of them have lost touch with what was once their biggest selling point: the vulnerability of it all.

We see a lot of family influencers posting one staged picture after the other, barely creating any original or real-life content anymore. All relatability gone. Instead, they curate picture perfect feeds to attract more brand deals. Perpetuating highly unrealistic standards, which in turn isn’t creating a healthy image for their followers.

While yes, they should be a certain level of enviable in order for us to want to follow them. Most of all, they should always stay relatable. It is, after all, the most important job of all.

All about balance

The most successful of the mommy and family influencers are thus those who know how to post the perfect mix of real content and paid brand collaborations, while keeping it all authentic.

Brands should steer clear from profiles who work with everyone and only post one sponsored photo after the other. Instead, look for those who are consistently creating quality content, engaging with their followers and fostering their community.

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