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Discover and organise your creator communities instantly

Get started by creating, or joining, a brand profile. This allows us to provide you with suggestions of influencers and creators to connect with. Looking for specific types of influential personalities? Use the advanced search capabilities to quickly identify the contacts you need. Keeping your community lists organised has never been this convenient.


Communicate easily via your social-media-like feed

Make use of the Influo Feed towards the influencer community: publish announcements, news about your brand, and plant seeds to grow your own relations. Engaging with likes and comments presents an entertaining way to communicate snackable news and the perfect chance to keep the conversation going in between campaigns.


Chat, connect and collaborate with the creators you need

Sending that DM might be the best way to kickstart a new relationship and establishing mutual connections might be the best way to keep that relationship intact. The influencers and creators we work with expand internationally, and across all social media, sizes, topics, niches, and industries.


Send out proposals and manage your projects from A to Z

Manage campaigns efficiently with all information and communication in one location. Execute any strategy with the right campaign setup: use open opportunities to attract interest from relevant influencers, or send proposals to your pre-selected contacts only. From briefing to negotiations, payments, contracts, reports, it is all here.


Real people, real media kits, real data

Track your activity results using real-time data. We guarantee transparency thanks to the creator managing their API authentications directly with Instagram, YouTube, Google,… So go beyond branded content and understand your influencer community’s influence.

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