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Drive Co-pilot Limo Navigator
What? Drive your activities to the next level We will define and guide you to your destination Tell our experts where to go and we will get you there No matter the circumstances, we can navigate
For whom Ideal for marketers looking to execute more efficiently Ideal for marketers looking for a long-term expert partner Ideal for full-service campaigns and projects Ideal for international projects, custom programs, and B2B cases
Monthly fee € 295 € 695 € 0 /
Managed collaboration credit / / € 125 /
Set up fee € 0 € 0 € 750 Quote
Level of service Active coaching Full-service Full-service Full-service
Description Premium access, unlimited self-service collaborations credits, active coaching, and quarterly evaluation moments. Combine all self-service capabilities with an expert team that prepares, executes and optimises your yearly plan. Brief Influo on your project and desired outcomes, and we will make it happen for you. Custom solution for B2B brands, innovation projects, influence marketing and other challenges.
Software Features
Brand profile
Invite system
Secure payments
Database Access
Team management
Multiple brands
Service Features
Collaboration support
Influencer activation
Reactive coaching
Active coaching
Profile management
Connection management
Campaign ideation
Campaign execution
Report analysis
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