Ann Lauryssens I  Daily Life

I'm Ann Lauryssens I Daily Life

Ik ben Ann, afkomstig van Antwerpen en woon samen met man & kat Fuchi. Ik ben geen kok, noch heb ik een opleiding of lessen gevolgd. De recepten die ik hier maak zijn ontst...

Ann Lauryssens I Daily Life, a Belgian influencer and content
creator specialised in Food & beverages


I have 2.707 followers on my Instagram account. My audience is interacting with my content at an average engagement rate of 0.2%.


On average, I post about 2 times per week about Food & beverages

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My Audience

My audience is mainly coming from Netherlands. You can find my full API-powered demographics on my Influo media kit.


I often use the following hashtags when I post:

  • #discoverunder3k (51)
  • #baking (49)
  • #bakken (40)
  • #bakinglove (36)
  • #bakingtime (35)

The following channels are also available on my Influo media kit

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