With influencer marketing being almost a 14 billion dollar industry – and that is in 2021 alone (!) – specialized agencies and platforms have been popping up left and right. In this crowded landscape, we imagine it must be confusing to pick and choose which one your brand will match with best. That’s why we wanted to make it a bit easier for you, and compare ourselves against our biggest competitors: Stellar, Efluenz, and Join.

Of course, every platform has its own benefits, and there truly are some great ones out there! But this way, the difference becomes a bit clearer and you can decide what works best for you and your brand.


Before we go on though, it’s necessary that you know about ‘scraping’.

See, most influencer marketing platforms use the scraping technique to collect data. Meaning they take public social media profiles and just upload them to their site to create a database of influencers. Most of the time, these influencers don’t even know that their information is put out there and that they’re being advertised. And while not technically illegal, scraping is not qualitative and certainly not ethical in terms of data transparency.

To find out how it can be done in a completely legal, respectful and transparent way… Keep reading until the end 😉 

In the meantime, we’ve organized this list according to the level of influencer involvement, from low to high, or in other words: from a lot of scraping to no scraping.


Efluenz is a Belgian-based digital creative agency. They offer their influencer marketing services to B2C and B2B companies and influencers. In their own words: “Collectively, we generate broader ideas & unique visions that will enable your company to express its products & services creatively. Through our clever storytelling & creative concepts, you will create meaningful connections with your customers.”

As they don’t have their own platform, Efluenz offers a more traditional agency approach. This also means that they can’t offer the usual benefits – like efficiency, availability, and transparency – that come with using technology. 


Stellar is a comprehensive toolbox that will help you find the right influencers for your collaborations, analyze their audiences, and plan and monitor your campaigns. They’re located in France, with offices in Brussels as well.

In their own words: “From the creation of the creative concept to the reporting of the results, we make sure to launch campaigns that are right for you and reach your target audience, whatever the social network or content format.” 

Their software is accessible for brands, agencies, and agents – but not influencers. An unfortunate consequence of this exclusion: you can’t directly contact the influencer(s) through their platform, meaning all communication still has to happen through another external medium (e.g. mail). 


Join is an influencer marketing platform accessible to everyone: companies, influencers, agencies, partners and talent agencies. In their own words: “Join’s platform makes influencer marketing accessible to everyone. Easily find the right influencers and set up collaborations within a few simple steps.”

Join works like a marketplace. Yes, you can organize campaigns – that will be communicated by mail, because not all influencers are users of the platform. Other than that, the platform doesn’t really offer a lot of possibilities. Outside of organizing campaigns, there are no real features to maintain, improve or follow up on your connection with the influencer(s).


And then it’s our turn. Influo is a platform for influencer marketing management, available for influencers and creators as well as brands and agencies. We offer one centralized system, tailor-made service, and a curated network of creators.

We’d like to share a bit more about this curated network and community of creators because we think this sets us apart. 

While our competitors might boast about the number of influencers they can offer (so to speak, as you now know), you’ll notice that Influo doesn’t do that. That’s because our focus lies on the quality we can offer, not the quantity. This leads us to what truly divides Influo from competitors: the way we gather data, which is no small feat. At Influo, we explicitly ask all our creators’ permission to work through API connections. Meaning: they actively choose to give us access to their data by connecting to Influo’s platform. 

On top of that, after they choose to connect, we perform quality control. We have a list of requirements for all of our creators. If they don’t meet our standards, we let them know why we can’t accept them at that time. We provide them with info on how they can possibly improve their application in the future.

Why choose Influo?

In summary: at Influo, you get exclusive access to a highly curated network of registered and qualitative influencers. All checked, all right, all ethical. Again – quality over quantity. This is all because our general goal is to produce the best brand campaigns possible and build strong influencer communities, rather than becoming ‘the biggest possible influencer network’. The way we see it, a brand doesn’t need a thousand influencers, they need a small amount of really dedicated ones. Influo would rather focus on the strength of those connections.

Of course, we want to be honest as well: the flip side of the medal is that you do need to have more direct contact with the influencer compared to other platforms, in order to organize everything. But time spent in creating and communicating with your community of ambassadors is time you win in efficiency during the long-term collaboration.

In our eyes, all of the above makes Influo stand out way above the rest. Curious? Find out more here. From self-service to full service. Let Influo and our team of experts be your co-pilot to your destination in influencer marketing.