It can be quite overwhelming to find great fashion bloggers that fit your own personal style. Well, not to worry, we got you! We made a list of the best dutch fashion bloggers in 2018. Blog away!

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1. Anne-Miek KesselsModedamour

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Could wear this blazer every day.. ?

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#Followers: 140.000

Style: Minimal

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Anne-Miek Kessels may have grown up in a small village in the Netherlands, that doesn’t mean she didn’t have big dreams. At only 26, she’s the proud owner of the fashion blog Modedamour. With her great sense of style and her love for minimalism, she’s a successful Influencer and blogger and basically the epitome of the statement “less is more.”


2. MariaThe Beauty Issue

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Vintage vibes ? #thebeautyissue

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#Followers: 131.000

Style: Minimal – trendy

Why does she deserve to be in this list? The brains behind the blog “ The Beauty Issue” is Maria, a 25 year old Dutchie who caught the fashion bug at a pretty young age. In 2013 she founded her first blog “Classy Blog” where she’d write about her love for fashion and beauty. 3 years later she’s still blogging away, writing about her love for beauty and fashion while also including her latest travel stories on her blog.


3. Giomar Vrolijk –  Giomarvrolijk

#Followers: 123.000

Style: Trendy – Street style

Why does he deserve to be in this list? Giomar Vrolijk is an enthusiastic guy, born and raised in the Netherlands. His blog, named after himself is a reflection of his personal style mixed with the latest fashion trends. It’s obvious when looking at his blog and Instagram that he has a real passion for fashion, but besides being an influencer and blogger, he’s also a fashion editor for Krowd Magazine. It’s no surprise that Giomar’s a student in Psychology. Next to fashion, his number one interest in life is how people behave in society.


4. Robert MitchellBy Robert Mitchell

#Followers: 119.000

Style: Street Style

Why does he deserve to be in this list? Robert Mitchell is a 22 year old model and blogger from Rotterdam. As a model, he’s been able to work with tons of great fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Moschino, and Jil Sander. Besides for his love for fashion and his modelling career, he’s also a real athlete, loving everything from tennis to fitness. In 2015 Robert finally decided to start his blog “By Robert Mitchell” where he shares his progress in his career, his travel stories and his interest in fashion with his audience.


5. Daphne VankerkhoffFavourites By Daphne

#Followers: 108.000

Style: Trendy – feminine – girly

Why does she deserve to be in this list?  Daphne Van Kerkhoff is the founder of “Favourites By Daphne“. At the young age of 21, she’s already seen a great part of the world thanks to the fact that she’s part of the cabin crew for Transavia Airlines. It’s no surprise that besides writing about fashion and beauty, she also loves to share her travel stories with her readers. People who love to travel just like Daphne, cannot only discover great travel destinations but also read reviews of hotels she’s stayed at. With more than 104.000 followers on Instagram, she’s definitely one to keep an eye on. Besides working as a cabin crew member, she’s worked with brands as Zalando, Supertrash, Cluse, Daniel Wellington and Loavies.


6. Esmee RudolfLuxblog

#Followers: 60.300

Style: Minimal – Tomboy

Why does she deserve to be in this list?  Esmee Rudolf is a dutchie with two great passions: fashion and photography which is pretty obvious when going through her blog Luxblog and her Instagram. Besides running a successful blog, she’s also a fulltime photographer who graduated as a documentary photographer in 2012. She’s currently working as a commercial photographer for several webshops.


7. Alex PanderLex Pander

#Followers: 43.000

Style: Trendy – Casual

Why does he deserve to be in this list? Alex is a 22 year old Graphic Design graduate and founder of the blog Lex Pander. He may be living in Utrecht, but that’s not where he originally grew up. Alex used to live in Zeewolde with his mom and sister until the siblings both decided to leave the house and move somewhere else. He shares his love for fashion and lifestyle with his audience through his blog and Instagram account. His message? He wants to lend a helping hand to the males in our society by inspiring them on a daily basis.


8. Esmee Trouwesmeetrouw

#Followers: 40.500

Style: Minimal – feminine

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Influencer, Instagrammer, blogger, Youtuber. Esmee Trouw can do it all. She’s made her passion her job and loves every bit of it. In 2016 she founded “Supermooi Media”: a creative agency that focuses on PR. Her Instagram is filled with great outfit posts and inspiration for when you’re standing in front of your closet in the morning, having a little mental breakdown because you have no clue what to wear today. We’ve all been there, right? Her blog is part fashion but also part travel, as it’s one of her biggest passions.


9. Laura Van TillMixtfashion

#Followers: 40.000

Style: Trendy – feminine

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Laura Van Till founded the fashion – and lifestyle blog mixtfashion and became a fulltime freelance photographer. Laura is 25 years old and describes herself as an online creative with a focus on fashion and photography. Over the last few tears, she really started getting into photography; she didn’t want her Instagram and the pictures on her blog to just be snapshots. The pictures had to be of great quality and perfectly edited to express her personal style. It’s no surprise her life motto is Quality before quantity because that’s the first thing you notice when going through her photographs.


10. ElifElifkadioglu

#Followers: 34.600

Style: Trendy – feminine

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Elif Kadioglu graduated in Fashion & Marketing at the Fashion Insitute in Amsterdam. She’s not only an online influencer but also founded her own blog where she talks about what inspires her on a daily basis. Not only the content is great, but the blog on its own is also a real graphic goldmine.


11. CelesteCelmatique

#Followers: 32.200

Style: Colorful – feminine

Why does she deserves to be in this list? One look at Celeste’s Instagram and blog and it’s obvious why we had to mention her in this list. Colorful is the first thing that comes to mind when taking a look at her blog and Instagram. The 25 year old founded the blog Celmatique in 2015 to share her love for color and fashion. She only has one motto: “Be yourself“. Through her blog, she wants to inspire others to be themselves, wear what they want and to never give up on their dreams and inspirations. In 2016, the colorful blogger won the ELLE Street Style Award and apart from that she’s worked with brands such as H&M, Puma, Esprit, Scotch&Soda, Nike, Dr. Martens and &Other Stories.


12. Anita HeathFashion Attacks

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Smiling through life?

A post shared by Anita Heath (@anita_heath) on

#Followers: 29.800

Style: Scandi – trendy

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Anita is a 24-year-old freelance graphic designer from Amsterdam. You may not believe it at first, but fashion wasn’t always her biggest interest. SAs a kid she fell in love with painting and drawing. It was only later, when she was a student in Graphic Design, that she started to realize that fashion interested her. She would see people of all shapes and sizes, in all kinds of clothing walk around the school and it gave her insight that she didn’t have before. That people use clothing to express their personal style and character. It was at that time that Anita started the blog Fashion Attacks. Now, 4 years later she’s still going strong, having worked with brands such as Daniel Wellington, IvyRevel and Pauls Boutique.


13. Janne BiersmaRadiate Fashion

#Followers: 27.100

Style: Trendy

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Janne Biersma started Radiate Fashion in 2012 to have an outlet where she could talk about her love for fashion and travel. 6 years later it’s become a successful blog where readers can find inspiration on outfits, lifestyle and travel. With an updatet list of Janne’s favourites and lots of outfit posts, her blog is a great source of inspiration.


14. Floortje Van CootenFloortje Loves

#Followers: 24.000

Style: Trendy – feminine

Why does she deserve to be in this list?  Floortje Van Cooten was born in Betuwe but made the choice to move to her favorite city: Amsterdam. Ever since she was a little kid, she’s been obsessed with everything fashion. To her, blogging was the ideal way to share her passion with the world. In 2011, her first ever blog post appeared on Floortje Loves and she was hooked. She just loved writing about the things she loved and hasn’t stopped since. She describes her style as being a true chameleon, from a bohemian sundress to a tomboy look wearing biker boots. She’s up to date on the latest trends but never loses sight of her true personal style. Not only did she get to work with brands such as H&M, Zara and Asos, she also has her own jewelry brand.


15. Florine Duif –  florineduif

#Followers: 21.900

Style: Scandi- trendy – feminine

Why does she deserve to be in this list? As a successful influencer and blogger, Florine writes about lifestyle, fashion, beauty and motherhood on her blog florineduif. She also has a Youtube channel on which she vlogs and an active Instagram account where you can find daily outfit inspiration. She’s also a proud mother of two and not only writes about what it’s like to be a mom, but she also founded “The Mompany“: an online-offline community where mom’s and moms to be can go to be informed and inspired.



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