October 21, 2018

Top 15 Dutch beauty bloggers in 2018

Top 15 dutch beauty bloggers

Beauty bloggers have been around for a while and are gaining popularity, which is actually no surprise at all. The Youtube videos of how to apply the perfect eyeliner or a review of a certain beauty product are super handy and fun.

Just like the fashion bloggers they are numerous, which can sometimes be annoying to find the one perfect blogger that fits your style. At Influo we have a nice number of Dutch beauty bloggers, each with their own signature style, from all natural or no make-up looks to full coverage. It’s up to you to browse and choose!

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1. An Knook

#Followers: 1,1 M

Style: Full coverage, experimental

Why does she deserve to be in this list? She’s been doing this for a while now, but still manages to come up with innovative ideas. Her favorite part is completely transforming her eyes into little pieces of art. Her Instagram account is all about daily inspiration and her Youtube channel is a great guide to teach you how you can create crazy make-up looks yourself.


2. Dilan Sabah

#Followers: 245.000

Style: Full coverage, nude lip addict

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Dilan had her big break when she shared a Youtube video called “Crazy Jennifer Lopez Transformation” where she transforms herself into JLo by using nothing but makeup. That video got viewed over 1 million times. Apart from her Youtube channel which has about 90,000 subscribers, she’s also very active on Instagram where you can browse through makeup tutorials and find daily makeup inspiration. She’s also known to do a full-on transformation now and then in which she transforms herself into a well-known celeb. In addition, she’s also got a lot of videos with useful tips&tricks on how to do your makeup. A great blogger to follow!


3. Serena Verbon

#Followers: 118.000

Style: How to’s, reviews

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Serena Verbon graduated in Molecular Biology in 2006. After finishing her studies, she worked as a pharmaceutical analyst for about 5 years while also blogging on her blog Beautylab. What started as a hobby, grew into something much bigger. In September 2011, she finally followed her heart and hung up her lab coat. She became a fulltime blogger. Her blog and Instagram are a collection of great reviews about beauty products in which her background as an analyst sometimes dares to take the upper hand. In addition to being a successful blogger and influencer, she’s also recently become a mommy, congrats Serena!


4. Kim Ter Stege

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#Followers: 106.000

Style: Experimental, full coverage, tips & tricks

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Kim has been interested in make-up since an early age. She founded the blog KimTerStege in 2010 and focuses primarily on beauty interspersed with blog posts about fashion and lifestyle. Even though she’s registered her blog as an official business, she’s not doing it full-time. Apart from blogging she’s a student in Communication and multimedia design which has helped her enormously in filming, editing and photographing for her blog, Instagram and Youtube channel. She’s currently also making her own logo, banners and all kinds of other visuals.


5. Shaima Sleiman

#Followers: 105.000

Style: Eye make-up, full coverage, how to’s

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Shaima has always been into makeup and beauty and wanted to do something with it. That’s why she founded her youtube channel where she posts make-up tutorials. Her Instagram is filled with short videos and tips&tricks on how to do your make-up. In the past, she’s been able to collaborate with L’Oréal for the True Match Foundation Campaign and with M.A.C. Cosmetics.


6. Debbie Zwiers 

#Followers: 43,700

Style: Tutorials, every day make-up

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Debbie Zwiers can be called an expert in beauty. She’s been blogging since 2007 and isn’t planning on stopping any time soon. She’s not only active on Instagram but she’s also got a popular blog called Mrs. Beautyscene and a Youtube channel. In addition to beauty, she also focuses on fashion and food which you can see when browsing through her blog. Besides being an active influencer, she’s a mom of two. She’s got a daughter of 20, who is an online influencer as well and a 13-year-old son. Her partner knows his way around the influencer world as well, seeing as he’s a fitness influencer on Instagram.


7. Curlbella

#Followers: 40,500

Style: Skincare, haircare

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Curlbella is an online platform where Angela Onuoha can let her creative mind run free. She talks about beauty and haircare for the larger part, but fashion and vlogs are also discussed. On her Youtube channel you can find make-up tips, but also for funny vlogs about her daily life. Her Instagram is her creative outlet where she posts anything that inspires her and will inspire others. Thanks to her luxuriant curls, she’s partnered with L’Oréal for the campaign Elvive – curl care.


8. Lotte Loves Beauty

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Zo. Ook weer een keer fatsoenlijk make-up op. 🙋🏼‍♀️

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#Followers: 34,100

Style: Tutorials, reviews

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Lotte Loves Beauty saw the light of day in 2011 when Lotte urgently needed an outlet to share her passion for beauty with the outside world. Her friends and family had gotten pretty tired of her rambling on about beauty products so she started a blog to share her passion with the outside world. Her Instagram is a combination of beauty and outfit posts and photos of her daily life. She loves talking about new products and does great reviews which you can watch on her Youtube channel. Not only beauty is covered, but also outfits, travels, and vlogs. She regularly makes videos about so-called “clothing haul’s” where she gives her honest opinion about the clothing website. Even though she is a dutchie through and through, she knows a large part of her followers are English speaking. That’s why, besides having a Dutch Instagram account, she’s also set up an English version of her Instagram account.


9. Sheling Kamkes

#Followers: 34.000

Stylz: Tutorials, cosplays

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Sheling definitely belongs in this roundup, not only for her large number of subscribers on Youtube (135,000) but because she goes that little bit further with make-up. Besides her tutorials and reviews of makeup products, she also makes tutorials from cosplays. For those who aren’t familiar with this term, cosplay is a form of performance art that uses make-up and costumes to represent a particular character. In the above picture you can see Sheling transformed herself into Neytiri from Avatar. Her Youtube channel is also full of vlogs, challenges, and reviews. For example, she tested waterproof make-up by letting herself be sprayed with a garden hose.

10. Coco Centento

#Followers: 21.500

Style: Tutorials, full coverage

Why doe she deserves to be in this list? Paula Molina Montes De Oca focuses primarily on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. On her Instagram, she shares make-up looks and outfits. On her Youtube she mainly posts about make-up tutorials, reviews, clothing hauls, webshop reviews and vlogs of her daily life. Putting on make-up is basically her creative outlet. One day she can be in a playful mood and puts on pink lipstick with orange eyeshadow, other days she’s feeling soberer and puts on a nude lip. She just likes to mix things up and she feels that does appeal to a larger audience. People who like to be exuberant with make-up can count on her for crazy tutorials and those who are more into no make-up looks can find tons of inspiration as well.


11. Veronique Tumini


#Followers: 19.700

Style: Lip make-up, tutorials, reviews

Why doe she deserves to be in this list? Just like the other beauty bloggers in this list, Veronique likes make-up. Although she mainly focuses on lipswatches and eye make-up, she also likes to mix it up. You can view numerous reviews and tutorials on her Instagram and her blog SOSForBeauty. Her Instagram account is filled with great pics of makeup swatches and looks super aesthetically pleasing! The pictures on her Instagram give you a great idea of how lipstick actually looks when being put on lips because let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. You see a color of lipstick that you love, and you think it looks exactly like the color on the package, but then you put it on your lips and it’s nothing alike. Well, that’s where Veronique comes in handy!


12. Beautyunboxingnl

#Followers: 19.000

Style: Natural, reviews

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Jamey Herben is a freelance blogger from Nijmegen. On her blog Beauty Unboxing she writes about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and motherhood.  She regularly reviews new products or writes outfit posts. You can also visit her blog and Instagram for travel stories and daily reflections. Her beauty blog is all about natural products while still obtaining a nice makeup look. She wants to prove that natural products can give you a great make-up look as well.


13. Yasmin Goedhart

#Followers: 16.500

Style: Glowy, experimental

Why does she deserve to be in this list? She’s only 23-years old but already a make-up artist and avid beauty blogger. Yasmin Goedhart likes to experiment and creates the most beautiful glowy beauty looks on her Instagram and Youtube channel. She’s mainly active on Instagram where she posts creative looks as well as skincare routine videos, reviews, and product shots. She also posts close-up photographs of her eyes which have been beautifully made up with sparkles and colorful eyeshadows. When scrolling through her Instagram you may have noticed that there are occasionally some not so common looks on there. Besides testing products and giving tutorials, she also does cosplay make-up. This way she can transform herself into a elf, for example.


14. Elisa

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#Followers: 16.100

Style: Flatlays, reviews, Korean beauty

Why does she deserve to be in this list? Elisa from SokoBeauty does beauty blogging a bit differently: her Instagram is filled with flatlays of beauty products which she then reviews in the description. A super fun concept if you ask us because her Instagram is just so pretty to look at. You can tell that every picture is carefully thought through and immediately attracts your attention. In addition, she mainly focuses on Korean beauty and for those who have not yet been informed: Korean beauty is increasing in popularity in America, but also here in Europe. The so-called porcelain skin that so many women would commit a murder for, is the biggest reason to give Korean beauty and skincare a try. In addition to her Instagram, Elisa also has a Youtube channel where she vlogs about her travels, but also occasionally gives a tutorial or review.


15. Tina Derkse

#Followers: 14.800

Style:  Glowy, reviews

Why does she deserve to be in this list? After 10 years of being active in the beauty world, working as a hair and make-up artist at M.A.C. and being active at Charlotte Tilbury as lead artist, she found it was time to share her knowledge about beauty with the outside world. That is why she started the blog Savor By Tina. She wants Savor By Tina to be a haven for women where they can find inspiration. She wants women to feel good about themselves. In addition to her passion for beauty, she’s also a true fashion addict. When going through her Instagram, you’ll see that it’s filled with beauty reviews, make-up looks and outfit posts. Travel stories are also covered on her Instagram as well as on her Youtube channel and her blog. You could describe her fashion style as feminine and trendy. Tina’s key purpose is to make women feel like true women again, by pushing them to experiment with make-up and by making them pay attention to a good skincare routine.


Inspired to try one of those cosplays yourself? Or maybe you’re now completely ready to splurge on skincare products or make-up? We sure hope so! Have fun discovering all of these cool influencers!


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