March 26, 2018

5 reasons why you should incorporate micro‑influencers in your strategy

Statistics say 83% of consumers trust the recommendations of friends and family. So think about the last time a friend told you to buy a product. How much did their opinion mean to you? Micro-influencers belong to that inner circle of trust. Their opinion is valuable to consumers. 6 in 10 follow advice from their favorite creator on what to buy over recommendations from celebrities. That is why micro-influencers are great for influencer marketing strategy. Both micro- and macro-influencers have their advantages and disadvantages. This blogpost demonstrates the benefits of working with micro-influencers in your strategy. Here are five reasons why you should incorporate micro-influencers in your influencer marketing strategy.

1. It’s a lot cheaper

This might sound a little obvious, but it is worth mentioning. Macro-influencers like celebrities can ask a big cash fee for one post. You will not be needing such a big cash fee when collaborating with micro-influencers. Don’t get this mixed up with not having to spend anything on them. But more than often, they’ll be extra excited about working with your brand when they receive products or gifts next to a cash fee. An advantage of this is that you could easily collaborate with several micro-influencers for the cost of one macro-influencer. That way, your collaboration will end up being more cost-effective than if it were to be with macro-influencers.

2. You’ll have higher engagement

The engagement rate for macro-influencers is between 0.5% and 4%. When you compare this to the engagement rate of micro-influencers (3%-15%) you notice a big difference. When an influencer gets too popular, they often get so busy they don’t have the time anymore to interact with their audience. Meanwhile, micro-influencers still have the time to answer questions and communicate personally with their followers. This is key to developing a relationship with their followers. And where there’s a relationship, there’s trust. And where there’s trust, there’s engagement.

3. It’s a lot easier to target the right audience

Most micro-influencers are part of their own niche. Their followers share that passion and look up to the influencer for recommendations and advice. A smaller audience is easier to target because they follow micro-influencers for that specific reason. This is a huge advantage. You need to partner with the right influencers, because only then you will reach those who truly matter. That way you will affect the consumers that are relevant to your brand.

4. They’re more open to building long-term relationships

Micro-influencers take the time to build long-term relationships with brands, whereas macro-influencers are often too busy. A long-term relationship has many advantages, for example brand loyalty. The last thing you want from an influencer is them promoting your product and a week later praise a competitor’s creation. Additionally, you will have a better view on what kind of content the influencer is going to deliver. Micro-influencers show more flexibility when working with brands. When you have a good relationship with your influencer, they’ll be more open to suggestions about the content they create around your brand or product. Naturally, they’ll be more eager to collaborate and they’re easier to access.

5. They pay extra attention to quality

Thanks to the new wave of smartphones, everyone can take beautiful pictures and tweak them with editing software. A simple picture featuring the product isn’t going to work. Influencers need to make the post engaging so they appeal their audience. Micro-influencers are perfect for the job. They often aren’t as busy as macro-influencers and have more time to focus on their content. They will invest more time, try to work with a photographer and sometimes surprise you with more content than you initially agreed on. All of this provides better engagement, they have more time for their audience and try to obtain a better relationship with them.

Both micro- and macro-influencers are perfect to collaborate with on your influencer marketing campaign. It depends entirely on the type of your campaign. But micro-influencers show better engagement numbers, they receive more trust from their audience and have more time to create better content. Lastly, they are more budget-friendly than the biggest and hottest celebrities at the moment.