It’s always good to plan ahead, but it’s even better to do so with an informed mind. That’s why we like to update you on all the biggest influencer marketing trends at the moment and make our predictions for the following year.

These last two years, brands had to do a 180 and show us just how quickly they could adapt, with some creative results – mainly thanks to the flexibility of the influencer. Let’s see what 2022 will bring us.  

Even more collaborations

The total worth of the influencer marketing industry has been steadily increasing over the last few years. But recently, its growth has become even more impressive. From 6,5 billion dollars in 2019 to 9,7 in 2020 and 13,8 in 2021. The industry is growing fast and hard. 2022 will bring even more opportunities and collaborations, and creativity is key.

Video is here to stay

Speaking of creativity: we don’t think we’ve ever urged you to join an influencer marketing trend more, but with good reason. Video content has become increasingly important over these last few years and will only continue to do so. People love video, period.

Not that text and images are going anywhere, but the incredible rise of TikTok – and immediate copycats like Reels – shows us that all social media platforms are majorly pushing and investing in video content. It is the growth hack of the moment for brands and creators alike, and it will only continue to boom.

All about authenticity

It might be a buzzword, but it still gets us as excited as it did in the beginning. So we have to mention it as an influencer marketing trend for 2022.

When we talk about authenticity, we don’t just mean the decrease of simple sponsored posts. We celebrate what came in its place: an abundance of meaningful, real content. Gone are the days of crazy filters, fake smiles and forced poses. Instead, we’re lucky to behold more and more influencers who are genuine and credible, who care about what they do and whose content resonates with their audiences. And also: whose followers hang on their lips.

So if you’re a brand, worry less about finding the influencer with the picture-perfect feed. Focus more on creators who are all about their community and creating good content. These are the accounts to hook onto, as they will continue to grow in popularity and size.

More nano and micro influencers

This is in line with the above: the smaller the influencer, the more authentic they automatically feel. And in most cases: the better their engagement will be. Nano and micro-influencers, meaning smaller accounts who don’t surpass hundreds of thousands of followers, usually foster incredibly tight-knit communities. Not only does this give their followers a trusted feel, it makes them believe they’re listening to a trusted friend rather than a big influencer. With incredible engagement rates (while big accounts struggle to keep up) and supportive communities, these little niche accounts will keep thriving.

Long-term partnerships

As a long-term partnership looks and feels more honest and authentic than just a one-off sponsored post, we’ll also see more and more long-term collaborations pop up. It’s only logical: while finding an influencer can be quick, creating content is actually pretty time-consuming for brands. Once they find an influencer that creates valuable, good content that reaches their target audience, brands are more likely to stick with them and invest in them. We highly encourage this way of working, as it ensures more security and a stream of quality content for both parties.

Focus on performance

When it comes to these long-term commitments, brands are looking for more ways to measure an influencer’s performance before they truly invest. Influencers will be expected to deliver, that’s a given, but we’re talking about very measurable results. Similar to a traditional salesman, there will be more performance-based contracts and influencers will have to ensure they reach enough clicks and/or sales. 

Though rigid, it’s understandable from a brand perspective. If you’re an influencer, just make sure you thoroughly read your contract before agreeing to any specifics. You can always ask our Influo experts for help or advice. 

Data, data, data

Something you don’t have to tell us twice as a data-driven platform: the emphasis on data is only increasing. Like we stated above, performance-based contracts really go hand in hand with concrete data. Brands are learning more and more about social media metrics, and they’re researching what makes an influencer worth their time and money. This ensures complete transparency and honesty, but it also increases the pressure: if you’re an influencer who works alone, you’ll have to be able to understand your own data and report back to brands.

Feeling intimidated to get started as a creator? Looking for some – totally free – help? Sign up for Influo for free, and feel at ease knowing that we handle the reporting of it all. Our API technology allows us to gather transparent and complete reports after every campaign.

Diversity everywhere, always

Although diversity is far from a ‘ trend’, it is worth noting that there has been more awareness and emphasis on representation these last few years – and very rightfully so. The diversity of our world should be mirrored everywhere and the same goes for the online space. No matter who you are – creator, brand, agency, …: make inclusivity an absolute requirement and don’t ever allow anyone to feel left out. 

While we still have a long way to go, brands and creators (and social platforms in general) are being pushed in the right direction more than ever. Because it’s not just about including everyone, it’s about inherently changing the system and ensuring diversity on every level – always and everywhere. 

Consequently, today’s consumers want to hear you speak up and speak out. The more clear you are about who you are and what you stand for, whether that’s as a brand or an influencer, the better you’ll find your exact target audience.


Let it all sink in for a moment. Influencer marketing trends will come and go, but we truly believe that thinking and brainstorming about these topics will further allow your influencer marketing strategy to thrive. Our Influo experts are always happy to participate in the brainstorming process or provide you with feedback where needed. 

Let’s end this blog post on one last prediction: in 2022, Influo will gladly keep providing you with educational and beneficial content, so subscribe to our newsletter and keep an eye on our Hub.