If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already had to ask for an overdue payment in the past, you’re currently experiencing it or you’re preparing for the day you will. It’s a good thing you’re here because after reading this, it will never happen to you again.

You can bet your bottom dollar that almost every influencer out there has had similar issues. But just like it isn’t okay for you to miss a deadline, it isn’t okay for them to miss their payment date.

Here are some valuable tips to make sure it never happens to you (again)!

If you’re currently waiting for an overdue payment…

1 – Remind them

If the payment is late by two or three days, you can still wait to send a mail. Who knows, it might’ve just been a little miscommunication or a slip-up in the accounting department. But you’re also already completely in your right to send them a first reminder. Give them the benefit of the doubt though, always. Maintain a friendly tone and politely remind them.

Best case scenario: you get a reply, maybe even an apology, and you receive the payment quickly. If not, keep following up. Friendly, but frequently.

Should you be worried about annoying people – don’t. This is a business transaction, you earned that money and have every right to make sure you receive it. If anything, they should be the ones feeling a bit embarrassed.

2 – Look for other contacts

If your usual contact isn’t answering you, look for another relevant person to involve. Go on the brand’s site, specifically look for someone in the financial or administrative department, and send them an email.

Again, keep it professional. We know it’s frustrating, but you should never burn bridges – even if you’re angry. Alert this person of the situation and put your usual contact in CC to increase urgency even more.

3 – If they’re not answering any of your emails

If it’s been a couple of weeks and you are getting no answer whatsoever… Try calling their offices and/or slide in their DMs. However unlikely, there is still a possibility that your emails have been going straight to spam, so you should do anything to double-check before doing anything else.

If all of the above doesn’t work, it’s time to include your network and start asking around. Ask other influencers about their experiences with the brand. Who knows, they might’ve had a better one and give you a better contact, or they might have some tips to help you out.

4 – If they’re really ghosting you

Take it public on your socials and tag the brand. However, know that other brands could see this, so again, do it in a calm and professional way. Extreme emotions might scare off future business partners, so be really strategic about it.

And if all else fails, unfortunately, you will need to involve legal help.

If you want to ensure on-time payment and avoid any trouble…

Arrange and define the payment beforehand

Chances are, you’re talking about money anyway, right? Discuss the actual payment as well: their payment info, who to send your invoice to, their usual invoice process period… If you’re doing this via phone, have them confirm via email as well, as email is considered legally binding.

Finally, if a brand wants to work with you more often, you could even ask them to make up a contract.

Influo Self-billing system

In any case: we’re so sorry you have/had to go through this. It’s a tricky situation. That’s why we feel you should know about our self-billing system. We will provide you with the required administrative documents such as invoices or receipts.⁠ At Influo, we guarantee all of our influencers’ payments arrive quickly and securely. Our integrated payment system makes sure every one of them gets paid on time.

You can sign up now, it’s totally free! Or click here for more info.