Influencer marketing has quickly become the preferred marketing strategy and with good reason. As influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity, more and more businesses are wondering how to find influencers who are the right fit for their brand.

The key to successful influencer marketing is finding the right social influencer that will promote your brand efficiently. The fact that these people concentrate on a specific niche makes them much more powerful because a more targeted audience is reached.

Just as every brand has a different story to tell, so do influencers. And if these stories don’t line up, the content you produce will seem inauthentic, and audiences will be quick to spot this. If people sense an advertisement, they’ll head in the opposite direction. You have to find ways of promoting your brand in a subtle way.

Yet before hurriedly scrolling through your feed to pick out a handful of top influencers, you should first take a step back and ask yourself what outcome you want to see from your influencer campaign. Starting a campaign with a specific objective in mind will not only keep both you and your influencers goal-focused, but it will also help you stay on-budget, on-time, and on-brand.

Follow our tips to find the best-suited influencer for you.

1. Influencer’s reach
Ensuring that your influencer reaches the target market of your brand is vital, else you’re wasting time and money reaching people who aren’t interested in your brand. An influencer with a large follower count seems promising, but what if the majority of those followers are fake or consist of inactive profiles?

2. Influencer authenticity
An influencer with a small reach in your brand’s market is more effective than one with a huge reach in a market not related to your brand at all. Also, a social media influencer with less sponsored content is usually more trusted and seen as more authentic. An influencer with personal, compelling stories will be accepted more than one who writes long product reviews. People want to relate to what they see and hear.

3. Quality engagement is a must
How much the influencer’s audience engage with the content is essential. If they engage, often it means they will return to the influencer’s platform and grow a relationship.
But, this rate isn’t the only thing that you have to follow, when it comes to engagement, as you should also look at how the audience interacts with the influencer’s posts.

4. Relevancy matters
Relevance and niche targeting play a far bigger role when it comes to influence. When you set out on your influencer marketing journey, you’ll want to keep relevance top of mind.You have to be sure that the social influencer’s content is relevant to your brand. Using a social influencer that focuses on healthy foods won’t likely be an effective strategy for a fast food brand. In short, brands that create specific, appropriate, highly-targeted content have a better chance of engaging with prospects.

5. Consider mutual interests
This means that the first filter in process of selecting the right influencer is to compare them to your buyer’s persona as well as to the demographic data of your audience. If they match, then your company’s audience is the same, partially or totally to the one of the influencer’s. The compatibility is essential to ensuring a high high level of organic engagement and subsequently a high return on investment. On top of this, take a look at the type of content they post and check if it’s relevant to your business or not. Your target market is more likely to trust an influencer who has like-minded beliefs and ideas to them.

6. Choosing the right platform
Using the right social influencer also depends on using the right social media platform to create awareness of your brand. The heavyweights like Instagram and YouTube, are some of the best options to choose from. Over the last few years, Instagram’s social influence has exploded. Up to 80 percent of micro-influencers uses Instagram to post and share new content.

There’s no doubt that influencer marketing is here to stay, and that it is a great opportunity for your brand to cut through the social media noise and clutter and reach your audience in an effective way. The key thing, however, is to find the one that’s right for your brand and its needs. By incorporating these rather simple yet highly effective ideas into your marketing strategies, you are bound to find your brand awareness growing more rapidly and steadily. Using social influencers is a much more transparent and accepted way of reaching your target market than conventional advertising strategies.

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