July 20, 2018

How to find the ideal influencer for your business

Influencer marketing has quickly become the preferred marketing strategy and with good reason. As influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity, more and more businesses are wondering how to find influencers who are the right fit for their brand.

July 13, 2018

10 steps to build your influencer network

Influencers are becoming an increasingly hot
topic in the marketing industry

The principle of linking influential people because of their expertise or popularity to a brand is as old as the road paved to Rome. More and more Influencer marketing campaigns are becoming a basic need for brands and companies. On top of that, people are becoming immune to traditional advertisements and are sometimes even actively ignoring them.

Brands have seen the benefits of utilizing the power of influencers, from all platforms, and have seen how brand awareness and traffic has increased by the relationships they have built with Influencers.

How to create an Influencer Network

May 31, 2018

Some of the top Belgian influencers on Influo to follow

Influencer Marketing is a hot topic these days. That’s why we would like to share what Influo has to offer.

We have a wide range of influencers on our platform, from food lovers, fashionistas, and travel addicts to beauty fanatics and so much more.

It would be impossible to showcase each one of our +1,300 influencers, so we have picked just a few of the many great Belgian Influencers on the Influo platform to inspire you today.

March 31, 2018

7 things we learned running an influencer marketing company for a year

It seems only yesterday we started Influo from scratch. We noticed how companies were struggling to tap into the many uses and benefits of Influencer Marketing, how they got bogged down by the logistics of it, and how the software they used – if they used any at all – was lacking. The result of our hard work is an all-round service provider that supports organization from A to Z in all things Influencer Marketing. We’ve learned quite a lot in those months of support and growth and we’re happy to share our key takeaways with you. Let’s go.

March 30, 2018

Social Media 101: when to post what on which platform

Being an influencer is more than just creating content and selecting publish when it’s ready. It is planning, it is researching and it is engaging. Every day, there are new social media platforms showing up. That makes it difficult for people whose job it is to be online to know where they need to post at what time. Influencers have as much time as any other person, so they need to make decisions about which platforms they want to use. Every social media channel is different and which ones to use depends on your goals and the audience you want to reach.
It is good to have a clear view of your options as an influencer. That is why we listed the most popular social media channels below, and when you should be posting on them.

March 29, 2018

Influencer marketing is much more than a sponsored Instagram post

Influencer marketing. A collective name for commercial collaboration with influential people. But why on earth would anyone want to collaborate with influential people? Well, influencers bring a contextually relevant message to consumers. They present your message the right way at the right time. And that is exactly what you need right now.

March 26, 2018

5 reasons why you should incorporate micro‑influencers in your strategy

Statistics say 83% of consumers trust the recommendations of friends and family. So think about the last time a friend told you to buy a product. How much did their opinion mean to you? Micro-influencers belong to that inner circle of trust. Their opinion is valuable to consumers. 6 in 10 follow advice from their favorite creator on what to buy over recommendations from celebrities. That is why micro-influencers are great for influencer marketing strategy. Both micro- and macro-influencers have their advantages and disadvantages. This blogpost demonstrates the benefits of working with micro-influencers in your strategy. Here are five reasons why you should incorporate micro-influencers in your influencer marketing strategy.